Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NBD. (how I met Joy Wilson)

Winnetka is srsly cute. 
I got there EARLY and it was packed already
best idea ever. also the guy in the khaki's totally bought a purple KitchenAid for Joy to sign
the woman herself in her business lady blazer
yep. this is real life guys.
signed swag! also that OXO spoon is really nice. I need to get one to use in real life
Take notice of Joy's normal smiling face... then take note of my face that is about to explode. pure. happiness. 

This past Saturday a tiny lil dream of mine came true. I met Joy the Baker. and LIVED! 

Not sure if you remember when I met that gorgeous piece of man flesh, Taye Diggs, last October (and lived.) but this time I think was way better. For starters I FLIPPED OUT when my mother told me we were going to meet him because in all his beauty I thought he would think I'm ugly. Yeah... these are thoughts that run through my head. But I've already built a little interwebz relationship with Joy via Twitter and ya know... maybe I've been mentioned in oh... let's say... FOUR podcasts of hers. *shrugs* oh ya know. no bigs. 

I met up with Maggie and Ashley in Winnetka (aka the cutest town ALIVE), which was a long drive for me but totally worth it. We stood with pretty much... every hipster 20/30 something woman ever and listened to her speak and be funny and awesome for a little bit - then came the long wait to get our books signed. 

I got cut in line a BUNCH of times but hey... what are you gonna do? I got to meet the LADY HERSELF!

Back to happy things!

Okay can I just tell you an awesome thing that happened? Joy had a question and answer time (in which I FORGOT to ask how how the heck she knows Emma Stone. Oh yeah. You read that right. EMMA STONE.) and in the middle of it she stopped, looked straight at my face, and said, "Hey Abby. No big deal. Nbd." and then continued. 

I think I went into cardiac arrest right then and there. I played it off SO well though cuz I somehow responded with a "hey" and a quick "nbd" without peeing my pants, crying and then fainting. 

Then she did it again! During book signing time. GAH! It still makes me kinda squeak in excitement. Apparently I say No Big Deal (nbd) so much that it's become my catchphrase. I'm cool with it!

After a lot of line cutting and Joy ultimately missing her flight I got to hug the woman. I am so big on how a person hugs, I think it directly relates to how they are in real life. Joy's an awesome hugger! Very genuine and heartfelt. She also did not mind the fact that I was giggling the entire time *forehead smack* and had nothing real to say. I just... I'm so awkward. But you totally knew that right? Good. She signed my book and was happy about my addendum and she signed my spoon which... I'm probably just going to have bronzed. Clearly. 

The interesting thing is *scratches head awkwardly* I think I kind of made an interwebz friend-quaintance... Like clearly I don't REALLY know her in real life and she only knows me because I'm ridiculously overzealous on Twitter, but the entire time in line I felt like I was just going to see an old friend that I hadn't seen in a long time. I'm not... trying to fabricate a relationship out of nothing; I'm for real a normal person I just... kinda feel like I could probably be friends with Joy on a normal you're-not-an-out-of-my-league-celebrity kind of way. Does that make sense? 

*sigh* it was one of the COOLEST days. mm ever. haha


  1. This entire post makes me happy (except the part about people who cannot follow the rules and wait in line). So excited for you that you got to meet her in real life!

  2. This post totally lived up to my expectations. I love that she spotted you in the crowed and said hi/NBD. Sooooooo awesome.

    Signed swag = also awesome.

    eaccl dreeeme (yes, dreeeme.)

  3. LOVE this story with one small criticism. You MUST stop putting yourself down. Your enthusiasm and joy and energy are infectious and they are some of your best qualities.


  4. ^^ I agree with Raiye 110%.

    This story is so awesome, it makes me feel like I was right there with you... which I wish I was.. to experience Joy in all of her joyfulness.

    So. Awesome.

    Must see your swag soon!!

  5. ^^ I agree with Raiye 110%.

    This story is so awesome, it makes me feel like I was right there with you... which I wish I was.. to experience Joy in all of her joyfulness.

    So. Awesome.

    Must see your swag soon!!

  6. Thanks for helping me re-live the experience! I didn't cry either, but I have to admit that I almost did as I was leaving the book store. It was that exciting.

    I am sorry you got cut in line and hope that I wasn't one of the culprits. Honestly, the people standing around me were mostly trying to figure out where the people in charge where sending us and what kind of order we were supposed to go in! Any cutting by us was completely unintentional. (That being said, I watched the people before me pretty carefully, and I'm pretty sure you were ahead of me.)

    You're totally right about Joy being so friendly, normal, and down-to-earth but also completely amazing.

    Lastly, rest assured, you couldn't have been nearly as awkward as I was! Something makes me think Joy probably got to experience a lot of that. I did a lovely combination of the giggling/not saying anything followed by just blurting out a whole bunch of unnecessary things!

  7. How amazing that you met this lady! The look on your face is priceless. I'm sure at the same moment you are just hoping whomever is behind the camera is taking the picture correctly because that would suck. She has a book - also amazing!



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