Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SLW: adventures of a single lady

Before I write this post can I just say that I've been on a "looking cute" streak lately? I'm not sure what has changed, either outwards or inwards, but I have been lookin' CUTE, girl, CUTE. I like it. No, I LOVE it.

Anyways. I have named Wednesday's, Single Lady Wednesday. It is always the day that I have adventures on... most of the time it consists of me wearing off tiredness from the night before (cuz I end up working until 12 or 1) and walking around my apartment pantless, catching up on television, which is a single lady right.

It was 81 degrees today in the middle of frickin' March so anyone that had a brain was outside today. It was just too AMAZING to NOT be outside, so I met up with my awesome and good friend Sarah. The beginning of the day started out with me completing my quest to find the stainless steel Sharpie marker at Blick. It ended with us running for the train with an entire Pizano's pizza (thanks Rossie!) in our hands and eating said pizza... on the train.

The day wasn't really planned out, we just knew we wanted to be in the city and running around. At one point we were sprawled on the grass talking about boys, and life, and moving, and avoiding the blackbirds that are just SO BOLD and fly right up to you. They practically ASK you for food - every chirp sounds like "CHI-FEEDME-IIRP!"

I want to say though... I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about me writing on singleness, like it's an invitation for me to be selfish about my life, or that it's better than everyone else's life who is married. Marriage and family is what I WANT - eventually. I could (and I have) spend my entire day wishing I was on a Family Day adventure with the De La Rosa's or eating pizza in Millennium Park at sunset with the Schwartz's, but why would I do that? I need to make my own adventures and not let anyone take my sense of being ALIVE away from me. That's what I want to write about MOST. Just... living life as a single girl who sometimes doesn't leave her apartment on her off days and sometimes doesn't put pants on.  But when I DO put pants on? I have awesome adventures and wear giant flowers in my hair : )


  1. Love this. One more reason for me to look forward to Wednesdays. :) p.s. how was the pizza?!



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