Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

knitted inspiration

knit alert :0)
I am almost done with the second leg warmer! It's been SO LONG and I'm like 4 inches away. I've resorted to taking it to work with me. I'm that determined. I am attempting before Saturday so I can get them on my niece and pictures up. They're so warm... I want to live in them.

I am a fair-weather knitter (lol a good name too - yaay i thought of one!). I knit, knit, knit then stop. for like 60 years. then all of a sudden it's Christmas... and i knit, knit, knit, Christmas is over then i'm tired and i stop for 60 more years. then summer comes haha. but when i need a knit-kick-in-the-pants i look at these:

her name is Siobhan (pronounced Sha-VON - WHO KNEW?!) from moocowhandknits on Etsy. She is my favorite etsy seller at the moment because she gets me in the 'let make something AWESOME' mood. I have made the drop stitch scarf and I REALLY want to make the the magic ring wrap cuz it's so versatile and comfortable. One day I'll work up to that black button up wrap. and then of course i'll rule the world afterwards. it's all in the plan, keep up!

I ordered a pair of needles for a hat I'm making from a knit shop I decided to patronize (the good kind of patronize), but as it turns out all the ladies are 97 (cute as pie though) and keep losing my order for the right size needles.

My conversation with them:
Me! I need size 6, 16 inch, circular needles.
Gma-97 - FIVE SIX??! We don't sell that. We only sell 5 OR 6.
Me! I need. SIZE. SIX. 16 inch circular needles.
Gma-97 - OH. oh. okay. what kind?

And apparently they do inventory once a YEAR. If they don't get here soon I'm just going to adjust the pattern cuz this is ridiculous... but I will get their yarns... love em.

on a completely different note - right now i'm into shoes with stories behind them. shoes with impact. first TOMS now these from Sseko (courtesy of designmom). i can't wear heels. i can't wear boots. i can BARELY wear TOMS - but trust me... when those shoes come back i will wear them. i will wear them like the stepsister in cinderella that tried on a size 5 shoe with size 12 feet they WILL FIT. just sayin - but i am very sure i can wear THESE:

mhmm. don't you wish summer wasn't ending? go ahead. get them. save them but secretly wear them in the house.


knitting and shoes where your feet can breaaathe. the ideal day. for me haha

Sunday, September 13, 2009

i'm bad. chum'on!

I'm a fan of lists. There are to-do lists on the back of my phone (most recent: the directions to the Renegade Craft Fair and Metra train times home), random lists like this and this and I think to-do lists played a part in getting me through the last half of my Senior year of college (thanks yearbook room printer paper!). Planner's just don't work. Post-it's work. Printer paper works. I think the point of to-do lists is to enjoy crossing out tasks and feeling like I'm plowing through the list of crazy that happens to be my life.

Oh, know what else doesn't work? Computer task lists don't work. My Gmail list is WAY behind. way.

This just to say (no I'm not going to quote William Carlos Williams) I'm making a new list: How to Be Friendly. I can post, talk, twitter, facebook update as many times as my little heart beats about how I want a group of close friends that are made for me but that doesn't make any appear out of thin air. Taking instruction from the Bible I need to show myself friendly to get friends. Sow friendliness. Reap good friends.

Here's the thing. This is an empty list. It's a growing, living, breathing list cuz I have no idea what to do. Good AT friendship. Bad at getting, maintaining them. I'm actually out of words. If I go any further it starts to sound like a personals ad and horrible rambling, but I will update the list as I go along...

Saturday, September 5, 2009



they don't FIT.

they're in the MAIL... :(

ok i just wanted to keep in tune with my other entry about them... but anyway yeah 'member how my feet are horrible? i think i actually wear a size 8... but i have a heel that's two sizes long. no joke. and my instep is as thick as a normal persons... CALF. the combination of having hobbit feet (sans the hair) makes for interesting shoe fitting. so all this to say... i couldn't get the dang shoes on yesterday! i waited... stuck my feet in the air cuz according to my mom 'you've been on your feet all day. wait til the morning.' um. no! i got one joker on... and then the other one... and my feet proceeded to tingle haha. i have room in the toe... room in the heel (my fingers are now bruised from getting the heel to go in - 2 size heel. seriously.) but my instep was so TIGHT and i thought it was gonna cut my feet off. so i'm sending off for the next size up... which is the biggest women size they have. *rolls eyes* bah.

i need a Cash for Clunkers program for my gas guzzlin' low down no good wide feet of mine!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

say you'll come in soon

was anyone up and about at 6 am this morning? I was and the rolling fog was beautiful. I didn't have a camera but if I can describe the ride home it was... 3 ft of road, white nothingness and a hazy sun. It was like a white out without the snow. It was awesome... and kinda scary when the cars disappeared into the misty mist. (that made me think of Mr. Misty haha)

I don't know why I've been on a stuff kick lately. this is just a random list of stuff this season I think are cool. I always think it's wrong to ask God for the things you want like... a puppy or a bike but really? He wants those things for you! He knows what you want. This is not a resounding endorsement for, "Take all you want and want all you take!" but I think it's ok to like nice things. God calls the flowers more arrayed than most so why can't I be arrayed splendidly as well? haha it's not that important in reality haha but here it is anyways :0)

top to bottom:
TOMS - I may not ever get enough of these - these are Men's Midnight Blue Leaves. my spending logic will always be justified by the fact that i am actually helping children... which is great for the children... and bad for my newly messed up spending logic and bank account.
A Maltese-Poodle mix - otherwise, more famously, known as a Maltipoo, which I can never say with a straight face (can ya really say anything with poo in the name without laughing? poo.). I can forgive the name because he's JUST SO CUTE. His name is Patches... he is a ham and i want him.
A Burberry Tiered Trench in white - classic. It will never go out of style... it's an investment though. a twelve hundred dollar... INVESTMENT. or sacrificial investment.
Emu "Hip" - They're not Uggs! (commence the rejoicing) plus they're cute and I can get my feet into them! sidenote - boots without zippers (whatever! boots WITH zippers) don't like me
The Townie Original 7D - isn't it pretty? can't you see yourself riding one with a basket of flowers and/or groceries from, say, Whole Foods in the front?? Or for general downtown lakeside leisurely adventures? I know I do. Exercise meets vintage style. meets AWESOME.

there ya have it. abby's list of RANDOM. it might roll back into town one day... it might not... like the parking lot circus... you think you know when it's comin but every year you're WRONG...


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