Wednesday, March 21, 2012

single lady wednesday: the married edition

Today I took time to spend with my favorite people in the world; the married ones. Brian & Cole, Kate, Erick & baby Sof, Michelle Parsons (I can't say her first name without her last haha) and I headed out to paint the city red. It was an altered Family Day if you will : )

You know how certain situations come together and they happen SO well that you know it can't possibly work ever again in that same instance?

I think that was today.

We started out having coffee at Metropolis and just kinda chillin'. It was a good start. I always have to fully wake up and my spicy Mexican Mocha did just that.

It was almost 90 degrees here today and while everyone else was humid and hot we sunned ourselves on Hollywood Beach, walked on the warm sand and dipped our toes in the cold water. It was like being on vacation without having to go anywhere.

We stopped by Forever Yogurt to taste literally every yogurt they had. Somehow I got a combo of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (which tasted like Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch) and Key Lime Pie froyo and it was quite possibly the best thing ever. THEN? Somehow we got it in our brain to go to Hot Doug's which is quite possibly the best hot dog/sausage place in the WORLD (of Chicago).

All in all it was just an amazing day. I got to see my friends, who are the coolest people around. I got to see Sofia, who I am TOTALLY claiming as my best friend right now cuz we SUPER bonded today haha and I got to eat at the best places in the city WITH said friends and new bff baby!

To wrap up today in a word? Perfect.

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  1. What a perfect day. Really.

    I have more ideas for you, and I'm also making a salad. Are you doing anything tonight?? Haha



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