Friday, July 31, 2009

and live in harmony harmony

I have a HORRIBLE song stuck in my head that is now being replaced by house music played in super trendy LA hair salons. You know the kind... *!!!* and sometimes theres a guy singing... sometimes he's indian... sometimes he's high pitched. AM I RIGHT.

Anywho I went to a women's mini conference last night at my church and it was fun. I went to a mini workshop beforehand. I was going to go to Parents & Purity until I realized I was the only one OVER 14 there. I left and went to singles where people my age dwelled. She talked about how it was easy to get caught up in marriage and let the focus get away from God. Like, "Who is gonna be? When am I gonna meet him? WHY isn't it now? Am I EVER gonna get married? Did I do something wrong so I CAN'T get married? Am I that scarred?" Very true. It boiled down to trust God and don't have a Plan B. God is your Plan A who will always work out so... don't have a way out. It was good.

Get a bunch of women together and you might as well stand in a line turn towards your right and your left and compare what's wrong with YOU. For real. Somehow my personality pans out like this: I'm not a people person. I'm compassionate towards people. I don't even understand it. I SUCK at starting a conversation, I can't keep one going, bad at reciprocating actions.
"how are you?!"
"good!".......*SILENCE* "oh! oh! how are you??"
But I love laughing I love making people laugh and I'm a natural born listener. Seriously, nothing in my life is worth being like 'OMG LET ME TELL YOU' it is. I went to work... I came home... and... took a nap... and theeen... I ate a bowl of cereal and KNIT.

I'm also not surface. OK who doesn't enjoy shopping? I'll talk about a good sale, where to get a good dress. I Lurve Shoes. But if most of your relationship is based off the diet you're on? the clothes you're wearing, how those clothes look and where you're going today... I'm out. I'm talking about ADULTS not 14 year olds. It makes my face hurt... the whole face not just a portion of facial cheek. Blah... how do older adults have that? There's no example to look at... EVERYTHING is superficial. And it's... super old.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CAN you handle the truth?

written on 7/29/09
Recently I feel like what I believe has been called to the table. Like a... challenge. It's thrown on the table, examined, then tested to be shown true. I'm a Christian and that doesn't have much clout anymore... much substance. Everyone's a Christian.

Actually being a Christian gets you on the same page as a lot of people because it's a substandard now (sadly), but throw the Bible down in the midst of all that and it's like saying, "check out that venomous snake about to bite you. and kill you." I'm just thrown off by how if someone mentions the Bible they're up in arms. Which version are you reading? Are you sure you read that right? You took that out of context. Oh that was in the OLD testament nothing counts in the OLD testament. cept proverbs n' psalms proverbs n psalms. oh and that book about sex. song of solomon? yeah cept THOSE.

When did the Bible stop being a point of truth for people. Everything... everythingEVERYTHING measures up against it. Half the time I feel guilty for mentioning it because people are like, 'oh... well i mean it's your opinion' it's God's I can't MAKE this stuff up and sell it like it's real ya know?

I will admit being at Olivet makes you jaded. haha I got off with I went to chapel so devotions are done! haha i did that a LOT. I also came up against a saying I'd never really heard before coming there. "I'm praying for you." I thought it was awesome. I was in someone's prayers they cared about me we were FRIENDS cuz they were prayin'. but after 4 years of telling someone a problem... having them tell ME they "were praying for me" and knowing that really didn't happen it just lost all validity in my book as a solid gesture. Or presenting a problem to someone and them telling me, "Ya gotta PRAY you just gotta PRAY!" and then wait for that problem to dissolve itself. I just... if you can show me... anywhere in the Bible where that happened?... then i'd be so happy to see that.

I don't have many friends. Everyone knows this. But as a friend I will tell you the truth... and part of that truth involves the Bible. God is a transitive property. If the Bible is the truth and God is the Word then God is the truth. They all flow into one another not really separating themselves. What... opposition should you come up against if a Christian believes in God who is the truth... that is the Bible? One can't be present without the other. If we're gonna pray as Christian's then pray the truth, pray the Word, over a person. Look up and give scripture to someone cuz once planted it never dies inside of a person.

I don't want to be quiet anymore about stuff like this. Make a choice already.

la naranja

a guy in a... HUGE tractor just rolled by. I don't use profanity but seriously the best description is, "A guy in a big **sed tractor just rolled by." no joke it was BIG haha... anywho this is from Snippet & Ink here's to being inspired by color

Tangerine & Lemon Drop

Monday, July 27, 2009


new 5 lives:
1. Professional knitter - I'd knit your face off. then knit it up again with some cool knitted face tattoo.
2. Photographer - I'd be the person you'd want to photograph your awesome new apartment and NOT your great great grandma skydiving. No... no i'd wanna catch that too it's probably a medical marvel.
3. Baker - I'd own a bakery, somehow be up at 3am to nurse the bread to health and sell cookies that would make you slap your momma. OH. and that knitting shop? WOULD BE COMBINED WITH THE BAKERY. awesoooome!
4. Book Store Owner - it would be self run. designed the logo, sell the books, bake the bread, knit your face. photograph all of the above.
5 - Steve Jobs - Do I need to say much more? I don't... I don't.

sorry for the crinklyness of the tote. It was fresh from the purse but you can get the gist of the design from the left. if i had a Yudu... I'd be dangerous. *nods*


Friday, July 24, 2009

that's the life for me!

Today was SO. ODD. and I must tell everyone about it. part of it is NO GOOD. part of it is awesome and involves the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.

First part? Work. work has been insanely... interesting. Just a lot of transition and changes that people apparently 'need' that i'm not even BUYING and trying to swing how to NOT book a creeper that's been put on PNG list by the shop. And the police. OK not the police I just wish it was. (I ended up saying 'oops! wrong day! she's booked. FOREVER.' it worked.) i'm about face punching the creepers. i guess there's procedural things WHATEVER.

Second part? I decided to go downtown to the BlogHer conference 09 to meet Mrs. Blair and get a free tote. There's an odd kind of squeaky, excited sound going off in my head that sounds like *blAAAHH!!* So I went down with a JACKET and I don't even know WHY because I had to walk up the giant hill on Randolph. OMG why hasn't anyone put up a warning at the beginning of that hill on Michigan and Randolph? Here. Here it is.
*WARNING!* Walking up this hill will take not only physical exertion but all mental strength. Expect pit stains, heavy breathing and odd looks when you grab a strangers water bottle, POUR it on your face and keep going... New York marathon style. *warning over.*
I made it up that dang hill to Columbus... and got stuck when I got to Wacker. I could see the Sheraton from where I was standing there just happened to be an entire river in the middle. Me. RIVER. Sheraton. I found the Riverwalk throughway and FINALLY I made it.

So... I get there. And I think it was a combination of being hot and being nervous but all liquid decided to evacuate my body in the form of being SUPER SWEATY. I mean... I was like pouring liquid. "Is it hot?! I just... I feel HOT... It's hot!" But I made it to the suite without sweating through undergarments and fainting. Victory right? I got to meet designmom herself (wamazing) and see the Yudu upclose and personal. I didn't actually do anything myself because that would involve lifting my arms and releasing the buckets of water held under them. But I got a tote and got to see other bloggers and their awesomeness. Got a Shutter Sisters packet. All around SWEET.

Then i left my jacket and had to traipse up and down Fairbanks 3 times to get it. Sheraton --> Huron <-- Sheraton --> Huron. My mom and I ate at Bistro Pacific and had sushi for the first time. Spicy tuna roll! and WASABI which... is now radiating somewhere near my duodenum. It was so nice. Picked up some Orangina from T.I. and RAN to the train. I mean this was the day of physical excellence.

Oh yeah and in all of this the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile was going up and down Fairbanks yelling, 'OH I WISH I WERE AN OSCAR MEYER WEINER!' in all it's... yellow red and... brown... Oscar Meyer-y-ness.

I will post pictures of my tote and silk screened pic which will be put behind iMmi (the iMac). So the last half of the day totally made up for the first part. I did something I would NEVER do in a million years and enjoyed myself. Maybe next time I meet designmom I will actually tell her I'M A DESIGNER. haha

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i will be

Yesterday my mom and I took a trip to the Gap. (b the dubs do you say THE Gap? or Gap? ever since the 'fall into the Gap fall into the Gap' commercial that article will forever precede Gap) We had to pick up a necklace I left there accidentally and somehow ended up with an awesome $7 skirt (WITH POCKETS! ^.^) and my mom came out with many colored cardigans. Oh yeah I totally ended up with a Gap card (notice how I didn't say a THE Gap card) two days ago. They get ya. Oh they get ya. And KEEP YA.

Anyway on the way home we heard a Genesis song that I haven't heard in like 80 years. My dad used to sing it ALL the time and at first... I didn't remember. It got to this one part where Phil Collins is desperately singing that he will be there for you. Cept my dad ALWAYS sang it as, "I WILL BE DEEEEEERE! I WILL BE DEEEERE!' and my mom and i BURST out laughing. Have you ever laughed at something that was itching to get out but you didn't want it to get out so your insides feel all weird and jiggly? I can't even explain it. It made me uncomfortable to laugh but i HAD to cuz it was funny. It's like my insides were trying to be on the outside. Remembering good times makes the divorce seem less horribly awful then I remember that it is all at the same time. Hence the inside-out jiggly feeling. Weird. Anyway Hold on My Heart is still a good song.

Moving on in this blog of complete randomness. If you had 5 lives what would they be? Here. Are mine.

1. Ballerina - I would, I would do it. I'd be long and lanky and have ugly dancer feet that bring TEARS to peoples eyes - TEARS! - when i move.
2. Jet-setter - what are the professions of jet-setters? Do they have jobs? Are they trust fund babies? We should explore.
3. Musician - I have always wanted to be a musician that plays movie scores. I'd get a cool head set, be in a studio and be like THAT'S MY FLUTE SOLO when I'm sitting in Harry Potter 7.
4. Airplane pilot - it fuels my jet setting habit. get it. fuels?! But for real I love how planes take off and land (it's my favorite part!) and I'd be all like, "This is your captain speaking we are now at a cruising altitude of AWESOME we will be listening to Chicago (the band. not the musical SORRY!) for the next 2 hours LOVE IT." and then You're the Inspiration would come on. And grungy college music on the way back home.
5. Dog walker - I would live in some cool place like New York or San Diego and know a bunch of artists and parents who live by giant parks filled with trees to pee on and sticks to fetch with. I really love puppies. Then I'd chat with OTHER dog walkers (one of which is super hot) we'd marry and live in dog walkin' font lovin' bliss.

I'd still love fonts in all of these lives. Just know. Can I be a graphic designing airplane musician ballerina dancin dog walkin pilot artist that flies to Paris? OFTEN?!

I'm gonna go with a yes. Concur. I SAID CONCUR!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

free fallin'

Let me start out by saying I'm in a dilemma. With myself. 'Member the competition? I'm so done with it. SO done. it's not over yet but I've been done with it for AGES. In fact I'm so done I've started going backwards. No joke it's like... Abby's will went AWOL and... I can't find it. Seriously every time I try to hold onto some type of discipline I go, 'CHIPS!' and suddenly they are there. I dunno what's... yeah I totes do. (and OMG I can't stop saying 'totes' instead of TOTALLY) I need to hold onto it or... disastrous things are ahead.

Anyway moving on (I hope you made it past that haha). I wanted to show my current knitting project. You remember me. I'm a grandma in training. Except the type of grandma that. is. AWESOME. and I'm 23 so... I'm clearly NOT a grandma. There is something both relaxing and satisfying when you make your own stuff AND people think it's stylish. It is no longer a 'granny' antiquated art. It's considered contemporary yet traditional. SWEET.

I'm currently knitting wool/mohair/silk leg warmers.
Why in the middle of summer you ask? Mainly, because I got so excited about their potential cuteness I couldn't wait until it got cooler. I'm using Cascade yarn (on the left color Puget Sound) which I've never used before - can I say I'm excited? I'm excited! - and an old (not really) friend Rowan Kidsilk Haze (on the right color Hurricane) . I love the fuzzy little fibers in the kidsilk. It makes the legwarmers look like they're glowing, while adding some color depth. I'll post after pictures. I'm only on the first warmer but blazing through it. I knit during tv shows - I can knit without looking so after an hour I've gotten pretty far. 26" is long though!

I'm starting a knitting design series I've been thinking about for a while. They'll eventually end up as tags for gifts. I need names. I've come up with The Whole Knit & Caboodle and Sterling Knits (I live on Sterling) but that's... really prosaic. lol or Knit in Thyme. music, cooking and knitting. mmmm. ANYWAY i suck at this unless it's very late at night and the project is NOT for me (can't explain). so help.

please & tanks. (a good name for a line of tank tops!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

there's no other

I've been looking at this awesome blog go there. you will not be disappointed. i wish she was my mom. or at least my mom's best friend that way I could keep my mom. I quite like my own mother.

after seeing one of her entries i've decided i really want to have a color fight:

it's used with holi colors and it looks freakin awesome. it's summertime. it's warm. all we need is a hose afterward. cool right? i knows.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

oh! well then.

My pastor says, "Never walk away from a proven relationship. Even if the relationship is hard to maintain, then they are the ones to have. If they are easy to maintain, you probably don't need to be in them." which of course is backed by Biblical evidence which... then makes it "God says,"

I've just been trying to figure out my friend situations as of late. I feel like I'm ready to pursue some. And i feel like it's seriously time to think about letting some go. *shrugs* i dunno.

Whomever you choose to be close to you will help mold... your future. So you hang out with people you know aren't the best... you might not end up in a place you thought you would. And I swear people say they know that fact but people end up fooling themselves too.

hmmm, hmmm.

Friday, July 10, 2009

put the fiber one bars DOWN

So i had a crazy series of dreams last night and I don't remember all of them. But the one this morning was about how these two kids (i have no idea WHO they were) just appeared in my apartment and started wanting food. I made them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches then they started gettin all crazy climbin on stuff. Finally one of the kids climbed on the counter and stole our Fiber One bars (which i like but i don't like THAT much) so i like picked the kid up and tried to pry them out of his hands. It was like trying to reverse the time space continuum or something. then i opened my front door and like... face pushed him out LOL. it was extra weird.

not as weird as the Tracy Morgan/Sweeny Todd dream. NOTHING. tops that. NOTHING.

Today will be a good day. It's my niece's 13th birthday. Just another excuse for me to tackle her on many occassions. :0) she gets a big head sometimes and it's my job to pop that air filled balloon haha. LOL i feel like my kids are going to be infuriated when they get upset about nonsense and i won't give two pennies about it. *shakes head* i'm going to be a cool mom though WATCH OUT.

now for random things i'm enjoying today.
I like how Windex squeaks against the window
I like my french braid on one side of my ponytail
I like my blue sweater and paisley *PAISLEY* blue flip flops
I like Starbucks cups with Sharpie instructions written on them
I like the old guy running at a molasses based pace down the street. YOU GO GLEN COCO
I like the Friday Dance on WGN news
I like the peace I feel when I know I made a decision based on what God says

LATER S8R :0) (yes. like passover.)


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