Friday, February 25, 2011

crash and burn girl

"i'm dumb. chronically idiotic. inherently slow. gloriously dimwitted. (feel free to fit any other adverbs and adjectives in that slot that correlates with something in a large capacity paired with being really stupid.)
largely stupid! they just roll off the tongue.

i ruin things. i'm a ruiner. a runner. a fighter. i'm closed off. shut up. shut down. boxed in.
and no good for anyone.

i should come with caution tape. or a warning label punishable by law if removed. or theme music... low and sinister with someone singing "bewaaare..."

i could have my own psa on the dangers of myself to others.
"are you and YOUR family protected?" *stern look*"

i've been in moods to write lately. it comes in spurts. i write about love and feelings and emotions... nothing sad or moody though. today was a sad day and though none of the above things are really true (well kind of) i decided to write out my moodiness in what i can only describe as prose. i'm not poetic or eloquent. i write in sentences that are way too short for normal standards and i have completely embraced the fragment. e.e. cummings is my best friend haha

so please excuse the over-emotional yet comical (YOU know hah) post... my thoughts flow better through my fingertips than out of my mouth sometimes.

Monday, February 21, 2011

pantone dreams

So my birthday is coming up in... *ahem..erm...cough* May and OK that is a long way off but I swear to bob I found my birthday present. No jokesies. Check it out y'all. FEAST. - i'm not saying you should go there. but that's what i'm saying.

I'm salivating. I would wear this bag so HARD. hahaha

Also I seriously want to make these for everyone I know. I just want the spread the pantone LOVE!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a short note.

Dear Joy the Baker,

Hey, it's Abby again. I make way too many of the things on your website? Sure. I took a picture with a microplane to get a mixer. Sure, that picture is on the header of my blog cuz I happen to think it's super cute. I'm glad that's established.

This just to say (William Carlos Williams' style)

I have made and eaten the dark chocolate sorbet

It did not churn in the mixer

I froze it anyway

You're right... it DOES change everything

Yours truly - faithful reader but in no way is creepy in the least - just an avid foodie like yourself,


Sunday, February 6, 2011

current status

this. is the current status of my face. please notice the super wide smile, raised eyebrows and tongue poking out between my teeth (just know that means i'm super happy). it's been stuck there for like... geez forever?! i won't tell you why... we'll just say i like smiling. smiling is my favorite. 

if you know me my disposition is naturally joyful. so it's not like this is anything exponentially GROUNDbreaking or anything but... it's just enough to be like, "Hey, Abby! You're super happy! and I think that's pretty cool!"

one day i'll totally have a point in posting things on here and you'll keep coming back to read these for a consistent reason but! for now... this is a post about my FACE. 

yooou love iiiit. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snowpocalypse 2011



the Blizzard of Oz

Snowprah Winfrey

Barack Snowbama


Snotorious B.I.G.

Snowhog Day

any reference from The Day After Tomorrow

Whatever you wanna call it? I totally survived it : ) Happy statewide snow day everyone! Hooraaaay!
the view out my window. yep you couldn't see cuz of the ice. 


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