Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So in my blogging frustrations I've realized a lot of them surround the name of my blog. I've changed it from "Abby and the Jets" to "On Being Personal" to... i don't even REMEMBER and then Abby in the Arts. I keep spending time trying to define "me" on this blog and it changes every time i write a post haha.

I think I just want to name the blog Abbyblujay.

That's cool right? It's my first name and my middle name all smashed together. My mom calls me AJ all the time or Abby-Jay (Abigail JoAnna) and I just merged them one day and it stuck!

Why didn't I realize this before?!

If I actually can get this into Illustrator and lookin' okay (aka NOT drawn on paper, taken a picture, live traced and uploaded) do you think this could be a header? I'll work it out... no bigs. 


  1. And I thought I was the only one who got bogged down with the whole blog name thing. I love Abbyblujay! I'm glad it's a keeper. :)

  2. omg omg omg. *FREAKING OUT*

    love it!! that illustration is the BEST!

  3. YES PLEASE. That illustration is super cute with your red lips and your hurrrr and your little birdy friend. I think you could totally create an awesome, bold black/white color palette to go with it, with hints of red and blue. cuuuuute.




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