Wednesday, January 29, 2014

warby parker... again. again.

I think I have a problem. I love trying on glasses and never buying them. This will be my third round of the Warby Parker at home try-ons and I have so much fun and send them back only to find more styles again and the cycle continues. It's really gotten out of hand. But as a person who solely wears glasses this is the struggle I endure. Hashtag//thestruggleisreal

Alas, I did the same thing again because I can't help myself, but decided I wanted all black frames this time. What usually does me in is I'll get 3 black frames, 1 crazy color, like yellow or red, and one tortoiseshell pair that I absolutely fall in love with. Happens every time. Also I already OWN a tortoiseshell pair so I mean come on!

So I stuck to my guns and ordered all black. My whole life I've been wearing square-ish frames because apparently my face shape is a mystery to me and this is what works. I ordered a little more round frames on the last one and of course that's the one I adore. Naturally.

Take a look for yourself.

I have ordered the Zagg and the Roosevelt before but keep coming back to them as if they'll be different the next go-round*. I don't hate them but I don't love them - though I feel like a very serious designer in the Roosevelt every time. Why do I keep ordering them? Gah! The Catalina is very much like the glasses I own now but the frames are wider and a tad daintier, which I like. But... then there's the Duckworth. I feel like a sexy librarian in the Duckworth, which is my ultimate goal in life - in both profession and attitude. Just sayin.

Maybe eventually I'll order a pair or two and quit bothering everyone. Maybe.

*I realize I just said the phrase "go-round." I've been watching a LOT... a LOT of Sherlock. Not that I'm ashamed I just find myself using certain phrases... and talking in a British accent for approximately 30 minutes after I've finished an episode.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm so PUMPED about this year! I'm just… I can't even contain myself how excited I am about 2014. Did you know 14 is my favorite number? I'm the worst cuz 14 is the day I was born (in May) and I just glommed on to it and every other derivative of 7 but 14 is my homeboy. Every other year I've been pretty opposed to jumping on the diet bandwagon, ANY kind of bandwagon claiming it to be another day, another opportunity. While it is, I FEEL different this time. I feel like this is a good time to get things RIGHT for some reason.

I've realized a few things:

1. I want to do a lot. I have goals and a voice and I matter.

2. I CANNOT do this on my own and my need for God must outweigh everything else.

And that's it! I don't want this year to be a "I really wanna focus on ME…" year - meaning I want to really figure out what I want, what I need, what my body needs because at the end of the day it's very SELF centered and I don't want to be. If all my focus is on the one who made me then everything will fall into place. BAM. Simple as that!

Happy new year everyone! This year will be SPECTACULAR!

p.s. I'm gonna talk about God a ton more - if that causes me to lose readers well I only have 21 so… I'm not too bummed. Sometimes I really want to talk stuff out is all. So there is that.


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