Tuesday, March 6, 2012

living by the train

All my life I've lived by trains. When I lived in South Holland we were about a block and a half from a train station and could hear the freight trains rolling along at night. When we moved to Flossmoor we were about 4 blocks from a train and that house didn't last long (due to... other circumstances). When we finally moved into our downtown Flossmoor apt we were smack dab ACROSS THE STREET from the train station. I used to wave to my friends on the platform cuz they could see my apartment. I feel like I can spit out my window and hit the train sometimes.

For most people living by a train is a huge inconvenience. It's loud, it rumbles your apartment (my apartment literally shakes a bit sometimes), you get woken up by horns and dings and brakes and starts... and I can't live without it. It is hands down the most comforting sound in the entire world to me. It's my personal lullaby when I sleep and my natural music in the day time. Hearing the train on a beautiful day makes me smile.

Crazy right?! don't judge.

sunsets in Flossmoor

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  1. I have a noise machine that plays "on the train" and it sounds like I live near one too! That's as close as I can get. It's so relaxing at night!



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