Thursday, May 28, 2009

good morroooow!

I've gotten in the habit of telling everyone "Good 'morrow!" when I see them. It's totally from Scrubs: My Princess episode. Dr. Cox tells a story in 'medieval times' and Zach Braff is the village idiot and instead of saying, "HELLOOOO!" (like you totally just dissed someone HELLOOOO) he'll say "GOOD MORROOOW!" and it stuck. like wet rice on the counter.

hehe. *awkward silence*

ANYWAY my b.f.f's for life forever took me to Bongo Room at 8 freakin o'clock this morning for probably the best food i've ever had. Yeah... I'm on this new track but when White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake PANCAKES are staring you in the face do you gently push the menu away and say, "Bowl of fruit for me please?!?!"
sidebar: if sylvia were here she'd tell me is it worth it? and i'd say HECK YES. sidebar over.
NO you'd say, "Yes I'll have the Nestle Crunch Banana Pancakes please?" mhmm that's what i had. there was creme brulee sauce over it. why. WHY. why. it was the equivalent of... the best massage... and a giant lollipop.

Needless to say this week has been a struggle. I just... how do you end up binging on healthy stuff. who am i freakin' Oprah? Stupid TRADER JOE'S. but anyway that's what happened. me and exercise have been fighting ALL week just back and forth and the BICKERING! oy. we've slept in different beds. it's come to that.

Tonight I'm gonna change it up a little bit. See if that helps. Psh... hopefully next week will be better. gotta regain my focus!

J-MAMAW! (another explanation probably followed by awkward silence so i'll spare you this time)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

see the sun it's so shiny

At the present. The sun has positioned itself to shine perfectly into the headlamp of the Honda in front of Eden... and causing it to reflect RIGHT into my eyes. From the entire front of the shop. Consequently I am crouched down in front of the screen so it doesn't get in my eyes. Also consequently I look like the Hunchbacktress of Notre Dame-I-wish-it-wasn't-so-sunny.

So this all just to say that water weight is NO JOKE! it is out to kill your face off! Do you know how many times I'm planning on working out this week? ELEVEN! eleven times. Before I joined the comps I think I worked out 11 times in a YEAR. Maybe. I've worked out 3 times in a day and a half and I'm UP two pounds! *shakes fist* water weeeight! Why is the female physique so much more complicated than male? *shakes fist again* reproductiiooooon!

Now back to more crafty crouching.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


hello all! There is a new lease on life in terms of this blog right now. for the most part... this will become a blog of a different color (not literally). the name will stay the same... cuz it's still an adventure just a different kind.

i've been on it for a while now and it's becoming apparent to people especially on Twitter when I talk about Crazy Coach Syl or the fact that I worked out 10 hours today lol.

So I'm totally losing weight. I'm gonna do it. You just wait. And it's not like THIS MONDAY I'LL START it's like... I'm on the freaking way. And I'm like... changing because of it. I would have NEVER written about it... on a public BLOG. But I kinda want people to know about it. That and sometimes I get super frustrated with my crazy coach and just need to talk about how I have to hang upside down as a mode of workout.

I'm in this weight loss competition. This is my second. The first one we almost won but the winners worked out something reDONKulous like 11 times, which should be illegal. but it's not. so they won. This time it's modeled after the Biggest Loser and we have trainers. My trainer's name is Sylvia. She's the most... intense person you'll ever meet. seriously she's crazy. insane aquarium.

So last week she tells me her goals n JUNK for the 12 weeks we're in competition. I was thinking about... mmm 30 pounds. I feel that's reasonable. What does she do? Double it. It's doubled. So i'm LITERALLY stunned, laying on my mother's bed with my mouth agape, eyes glazed over, staring at the ceiling. So I come out of that coma and ya know climb aboard Sylvia's Crazy Train and get goin. 5 lbs a week... i can do that right? working super hard i can do that. and then i did. i lost 5.5 lbs the first week (last week). So this week she gives us our goals... why would she do that I know how much I gotta lose. How much is it? 13 lbs. THIRTEEN POUNDS IN A WEEK! This chick has seriously lost her mind! our texting conversation went a little like this

ccs: I have a 60 year old father who is totally losing 15 lbs this week. you can do this
me: did ya hit something? are you hurt? do YOU work????
ccs: lol. yes i work. you'll be fine. in fact i'm coming over

we let her in. she made us do Billy Blanks boot camp. I realized I really don't like Billy Blanks. I believe he has a glass eye... that wants to kill people... or he's had a stroke. That's sad but if you've had a stroke stop teaching videos with multiple close ups okay? just stop teaching. It also makes you feel like he's going to kill you if you get it wrong... and his scary back up exercisers SCREAM at you the whole time! no fun. NOT FUN!

This week is gonna be so interesting. My 'friend' came and was like 'TADAAAA i'm gonna BE here this week while you attempt to lose 13 lbs of both water and actual weight. HA! ' consequently i'm working out 10 times this week. 3 times on friday if life allows. Ok this blog is super long just for introductory purposes... they'll be shorter burts of OMG I CAN'T EVEN BREATHE more often than not haha. I think you'll enjoy this crazy journey and the result is gonna be awesoooome. i'm sure there will be a before & after pic sometime next year.

Hang on for the ride!

Friday, May 15, 2009

be sure to get your ticket

I've done a lot of Turbo Jam exercise this week and consequently the songs they use are totally stuck in my head... sometimes it's fun. aaand then there's other times.

Yesterday was my b-day. It was... a little... different I guess. I wasn't expecting balloons and streamers ya know but I was expecting just a good day. It was gorgeous for one so that was really nice and I did get a CUTE cute pair of shoes from Nordstrom Rack. I just... I dunno. It WAS a good day so I don't know why I'm complaining... about my BIRTHDAY lol. That's just selfish. ok i am a little bit frustrated... but not with the day yesterday just with other stuff.

Anyways my best friend is finishing up with finals today and I get to see her next week and I cannot WAIT cuz I've had 0 one on one talk about our entire lives time haha

random question. if you have an apartment... where could you store a trampoline saaay if you had one? i'm fairly sure that in my adulthood (later. adulthood) i'm gonna buy a trampoline. and a house... so i can store it. haha i'm going to buy a house FOR the trampoline. thaaat's just how i roll. :0)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

happy birthday!

it has arrived. and it's so much bigger than i ever expected. how did i not remember that 24" is 2 feet haha

i'm a crazy. i was so excited about it the entire week and then it got here... and i DIDN'T OPEN IT. and now i'm tired cuz i WAS really excited it was just pent up and now it's gone. and then i remembered i slept bad last night - but the two have no relation to each other.

9:30am last year i graduated. and at 9:30am exactly one year later I got a NEW BUDDY! lol. it's good to make good comparisons especially when you feel like you've done nothing significant. wake up crazy face you've done lots!

say hello to Immi!


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