Monday, March 5, 2012

where you been?! really, Abby. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

I think I have some 'splaining to do.

well... um....

February became March and I had ideas for this blog and then they went away. I really wanted to talk about how abstaining from social media trends like Glee... and March Photo-a-day doesn't make me any less of an awesome person. By the way it really doesn't. Life totally goes on... the Glee kids will somehow still be in high school and there will always be someone to take pictures on Instagram so never fear!

I baked some good things last month. I got the Joy the Baker cookbook! I'm MEETING Joy the Baker in 19 days (she told me she's excited to meet me! *faints*). I took a GIANT leap at work into the unknown - and I have to be vague about it - but I'm EXCITED and NERVOUS and grateful for the opportunity. I'm trying to settle into being visual lead at work. I think every time I talk to my Operations manager I get a headache and have to sit down.

All in all I'm just a little overwhelmed with life right now. So this blog has suffered for it. I've been thinking about deleting it... or at least discontinuing it. As much as I'm spouting "do your own thing! for you! not anyone else!" this blog needs a MAJOR overhaul in my brain and hate that it doesn't have a purpose or theme or direction. I feel like I'm a Jack (Jackie? Jacqueline?!) of all trades and I just talk about... RANDOM CRAP! Maybe I just need to organize it into sections. Food. Knitting. Design. Random stories about my life.

I would love some input on this cuz I feel lost with this blog. Writing into spacial void.


  1. Please don't ever delete your blog. YOU are what made me start blogging in the first place! Just think of the JTB podcast! They always talk about a bunch of completely random stuff, but its funny, useful, and people relate to it! You're funny! You give great tips and recipes! People relate to you!

    I know I miss you in my blogger feed! :/

  2. ahhh i love reading your blog abby! please don't leaaaave us!!!

  3. Don't do it!!! Seriously... out of all the blogs that I follow, I most look forward to yours. Because it is random. And because it is awesome. And because it's written 100% in your voice.

    That said... remember my old blog and how I would write a massive "catch up" post like, once every three-six months? I "discontinued" it and started GH. Which helped with my posting and direction, I'd like to think. Something like that may be a viable option for you, too.

    Also, everything that Kate said. Tips, recipes, relatability.



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