Monday, March 12, 2012

geek glasses

Warby Parker is the TOMS of glasses... except TOMS sells glasses so I guess... TOMS is still the TOMS of glasses, but they share a similar view. If you buy a pair of frames from them they will also give a pair to a child who needs eyewear. The super amazing awesome clincher is that you can pick 5 frames and try them on for 5 days and then send them back - ALL FOR FREE! 

I heard about the site a couple months ago when my friend in MN modeled her glasses on Instagram. I went to the site... picked out my glasses and just forgot to press "hey... send these to me!" Katherine reminded me of it a few days ago in her post and all I had to do was go to the site and literally press "send" and they were on the way! It was kinda nice getting the grunt work out of the way haha - I remember I lamented over which ones to try for a few hours. I'm special.

I'm gonna take a moment and talk about my own face. Yeah. This is happening. It's square... and oval... and heart shaped... ALL AT THE SAME TIME. My face just transcends shape apparently. I knew I wanted "geek" glasses though. You know... the Ray Ban-esque square frame slightly thicker and slightly more awesome? The bad thing is I have... weird high cheekbones so the distance between my ears and my eyes is longer than most peoples. Every time I try on someone's Ray Ban's I feel like an idiot with fat cheeks that ENGULF glasses. Turns out I just need longer sides! I've seen the light!

The 5 frames I picked were: the Willoughby (just the name alone made me pick them. Jane Austen makes me swoon), the Roosevelt, the Zagg, the Japhy, and the Pierce. I kind of want to get 5 more! But I think I have the basic shapes down, and what really works for my face.

Speaking of face... here they are on mine! I totally had people vote, cuz I'm like that in real life.
the Willoughby - 2 votes - Jane Austen geek in the house!
the Roosevelt - 3 votes - I feel like a tried and true graphic designer geek in these
the Zagg - 7 votes! - I feel like a sexy lady geek in these
the Japhy - no votes! womp waaaa. - these are also really similar to past glasses I've had & too narrow
the Pierce - 6 votes - I feel like a sexy business lady geek in these. Pretty amazing.

There you have them! The winner ended up being the Zagg! I really like them. NO one liked the Japhy. Super sad haha. The frames are $95 which isn't TOO bad (especially for my eye doctor who carries stupid designer frames for 270 BUCKS. stupid. STUPID!) and I think I want to get the Zagg and the Pierce (or the Zagg and the Willoughby... or the Zagg and the Roosevelt. ARGH!) Sending a pair to a little buddy somewhere in the world justifies it though. I just need to save my pennies and help out my eyesight and over all fashion statement AND make a child happy. Dude. Win/win here. 

Which ones are your favorite?

I had a BLAST doing this! I hope people (cough... EVERYONE) does this and posts pics - it was pretty fun : )


  1. Yes ma'am I still keep my vote with Zagg. Sexy lady geek all the way. But I'm kind of in love with the black matte frame on the Roosevelt. I'm still (still!) narrowing down my frame choices, but I think I'll be trying on Zagg and Willoughby too :)

    And canijustsay I love that you have a "hot black artsy hipster nerds unite" post label.

    edsibler liatn



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