Friday, March 30, 2012

single lady sings the blues

this morning's view. 
It just takes one gloomy morning for moody thoughts to loom in...
Why aren't you in bed?

It's such a good day to snuggle in bed with someone...

...Why don't you HAVE someone?


Isn't there a clinical study that says Seattle is one of the most depressing places because it's rainy all the time? I can totally understand why. As a single woman the disparaging thoughts come flying at me when it's rainy. All I want to do is cuddle with someone and drink tea all day. I can't say I'm never lonely because I don't want to lie. I'm lonely a lot actually but I know exactly what to do to shake myself out of my reverie. Just a few quick tips to shake things up and take you into your weekend : ) cuz i love you in real life.

1. Everything you're thinking that makes you unhappy? Do the exact opposite.

If you're thinking that you should stay in bed all day, clearly you need to go somewhere - even if it's just the library. You want to mope and watch the Notebook until you feel slightly suicidal? Watch Bridesmaids and laugh til you pee, while drinking Kool-aid through a curly straw.

2. Puddle Jump. Either in your car or in rain boots.

As a matter of fact puddle jump and THEN get in your car and puddle jump!


ALWAYS. treat yo'self.

4. Get out of the house!

It is the perfect day to rid yourself of your phobia of falling off bikes! (this is a story for a different day.)

5. Spend some time with God or meditating or whatever makes you feel best

I know when I feel crappy it's cuz I haven't spent time with God. I shouldn't be my focus anyway! You're never alone! Even if you can't see God doesn't mean He's ignoring you in your lonely state. Spend some time meditating on good things. Maybe your insides need some attention. Also God has way better things in store for you than being lonely.

6. Fake. It.

"But I'm not happy!" Who ever arrived at happy without acting like they were already there? You know when people ask, "How are you?" in passing and you proceed to tell them the story of your sad existence when in reality all they wanted to hear was "Fine!" Yeah! Don't be that girl! Your good mood might help someone else who is feeling lonely.

sunshine hair flower
Honestly when in doubt TREAT YO'SELF and all the other ones will fall into place.

stay tuned for next week's Single Lady Wednesday (SLW) and a GUEST POST what uuuup!

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