Wednesday, August 20, 2008

it's been a long time - we shouldn't have left you...

so! I haven't written in here forever... there have been numerous accounts of times I could have written in here like that one awesome shopping trip... that one time I went downtown... and that other time i stole something from Jewel but! not this time today is my last day of work! and i feel since i gave a running commentary on my day on the first day... there should be a conclusive one on the last day of work... so here starts the first couple minutes of the day :0)

8:59 AM - I am writting this blog... clearly (*OBviously*) and waiting to pop in Prison Break so I can illegally watch it during work. I have run out of work. All work is finished. They have closed the gate. We cannot escape. by the by... I look good today. Everyone should know this. later gator!

9:09 AM - 3 words. Iced. Cof.Fee.

9:41 AM - PAUSE! Watching Prison Break - FREAKING OUT because its so intense. There's a riot at the jail and they ALL BROKE OUT and they're trying to get this woman and... its just so crazy. so i paused it... because I really need a commercial break from our sponsors. 

9:51 AM - In other news I got a little bit of work... updating but work all the same and I'm happy for it. Sorry I'm posting so dang much I'm SO bored. And I forgot my journal... and i just took my headphones off cuz theres a RED DOT POINTING AT HIS CHEST - i had to pause it haha

11:09 AM - today is going to be more eventful than i... realized haha. still watching Prison Break but now... I have to pee. I'm treating myself to shrimp fried rice for lunch and rangoons for dessert and... coffee? maybe just a very small sugar free amount of coffee... mabye i'll start my letter. mabye iiii will. after i pee.

11:50 AM - to the Aurora Office one last time - people astound me.

12:48 PM - done. now i'm eating shrimp fried rice and of course... watching MORE prison break. i'm... ready to go... 

2:55 PM - almost finished! just had my last team meeting... they're so nice... i'll miss Donnie the most... now burning a disc for my last proyecto

3:52 PM - So long, farewell, good bye auf weidersehen i'd like to stay and taste my first champagne... yes? no. :0) It's time to GO. its been real... and its been fun... sometimes it was real fun... and other times it was just real. I'm leavin. and I'm taking these dang headphones with ME! peaccccce


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