Thursday, June 25, 2009

i don't really wanna be the queen

lol i got safari 4. unfortunately facebook IS on my top sites and apparently we're all creepy cuz sarah was on mine too. i promise for realioz i have a life. if top hits were on my desktop Solitaire would totally be number 1

i served tonight with my babies. they cycle in and cycle out and i love them all the same. they're just so cute! half the time i spend getting babies out of toy chests and drawers and cabinets and off of tables. the other half i spend laughing hysterically as they try to launch themselves into rocking chairs, sing most of the lesson songs and wipe neon day glo orange residue from Cheeto Puffs on their shirts. I love em. LOVE!

working days seriously takes a chunk out of my sleep time! geezopeets man!

Monday, June 15, 2009


this isn't to update my weight loss status. that gets a little old after a while... weight loss seems to be the new craze and as much as the world is ensconced with injecting themselves with the pregnancy hormone to boost their metabolisms and eating giant t-bone steaks... i am uh over that. i won't stop working but... you don't need to hear about water weight and mountain climber 

but my neice and nephew were over today and it was a pretty good day. we played in Photobooth which they THOROUGHLY enjoyed and we went to the park. i swung for the first time in ages (i'm watching Pride and Prejudice) and i remembered how my stomach drops and it makes me laugh like a freakin idiot. but i did it anyway. there was idiotic laughter but it produces a genuine kind of joy you kind of forgot when you got older. and we named ourselves the official swing set gold medal champions with medals made of real plastic haha

i had a whole blog planned out but it got interrupted by my one of my favorite cousins, KC, came over... heeeeee makes me laugh is all i can say. anyway i lost my train of thought. it left the station heading 65 miles an hour. 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

sandcastles in the sand

I enjoy posting when I'm at work. It's elevendy a.m. and I have to open from like... now on at this horrible time of the morning and there are no chairs. I'm currently sitting on a tiny rolly stool that makes me look like I'm either stunted in growth or 3 years old. Take your pick, either one is accurate.

So update for the week. I've collected myself from last week's eating frenzy. Seriously there were too many opportunities I took to eat. Memorial Day at Pastor Robb's. Bongo Room with Nora & Anisha. Breanna's graduation party filled with banana pudding from Heaven and mini cheesecakes. But I wasn't the only one who had a bad week, so at least I wasn't alone in my quest for trying to singlehandedly conquer the entire culinary world in terms of eating.

We had a volleyball game on Sunday, which was SO fun. I used to play volleyball in what... 7th and 8th grade and, dude, I totally still miss it. I was COVERED in sand from constantly diving for the ball. I ended up in a split, which everyone, including myself, said, "OOOOOOOoooo..." but i salvaged it Shawn Johnson style by THROWING my hand up in the air and yelling 'STUCK THAT LANDING!' hahaha it was pretty awesome.

I ended up emailing CCS to kind of... not tell her off but at least tell her what's goin down. Here's the game plan. Back off sister. That was the gist of the whole email. This whole thing had me stressed to the point of literally moving backwards and I had to take hold and say, "QUUUUUIT IIIIIIIT!" *there's an echo, too* I've done much better this week in terms of eating. I need to uh... still get on the ball with exercise. It's just not something I enjoy. Not a mood elevator, no adrenaline rush, no endorphins. So at the end of the day I may still want to kill my husband in spite of exercise. (Sorry Elle Woods) But I'm getting there. I have to be diligent.

This is ending up to be a spiritual battle as well as a physical one. When you shake off something old or decide to change a habit you're fighting your insides as well as changing your outside. It's a crazy thing... but I don't ever want to give up or go back to who I was, well, who I was on my way to be.

Now to finish this ridiculously strong cup of coffee Rudi made. It makes me shiver every time I take a sip. I think that's too much haha


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