Saturday, March 10, 2012

single lady status

I think I want to start a new section in this random blog on being single. I rely on Kate for my mama lady status. I rely on Katherine for my married lady status (though Kate is also married so she really does double duty). We need a single lady voice. Who knows if I'm ever gonna be anything OTHER than a single lady - promise this is not coming from a bitter place it's just real.

Almost 100% of the blogs I read are set up by married ladies who want to document life, design, crafts, and general awesomeness and I LOVE IT. I've become a guru of mom and children products because it's all I read. Sometimes... it's creepy when a mom comes to ME for advice. Overkill much? I love gaining perspective on marriage and how to make it work, how to work children into the mix and I'm looking forward to that new phase of life when I get there.

My reality is I am a single lady.

There is no voice for single women out there. I don't want to know how to catch a man cuz... maybe I don't WANT a man. Life's not all about that and I'm pretty over that mentality being pushed on me from all sides. Thank you to all the cooking blogs out there made by single women but maybe I DON'T wanna bury my feelings in food anymore (although I love to bake... i'm gonna chalk that up to genetics haha). I want to be a voice of practicality and enjoyment for single people. I have NOT donned my leotard and long weave and begun to dance to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" I'm just sayin! Where all the single people at?! Are we lame in real life?!

What do single girls do nowadays? Bars are pretty lame. Anyone can go to a bar. If you cook, why aren't you hosting a dinner party to feed people?! Single people have all the fun! Stay up and out late, do whatever, whenever because we can! Why be jealous of the married folk when I can have just as much, if not MORE fun.

Should be interesting!

I'm telling you this red lipstick has some kind of brain changing power.


  1. Say it LOUD!! I'm single, content, and PROUD! God has us in the BEST place we can be in the here and now, so we cut ourselves short if we don't make the MOST of every second. - As to the voice of the single women? You're right... it's LAME. "Hey hey you you... I could be your...." *STOP* *adjust radio* "Nevermind, I'll fiiiiiiind someone liiiiike youuuuuu...." *STOOOOOOPPPPPPP* *readjust again* "we found love in a hopeless...." *GRRRRRRRRR* #makeit STOP!! Desperate much?! What kind of message is coming across the radio waves?!?!?!?! - You are an empowered woman to live life as you please and be the best at what you love. This is the time to define who you are and what you like so that if one day he does come along, he will not be able to say "I didn't know..." -- If women stop looking and start living, they will get addicted. Cause... Life is sooooooooooooooo mm mm good!!!

    Abby, I appreciate your message!

  2. You absolutely can have more fun sometimes. What I love for you being single is -- you are free to literally do whatever your heart compels you to, and you don't have to think twice to plan it out. Now is the time to take risks, now is the time to follow your gut. You don't need to find a babysitter, you don't need approval from anyone... it's just you and your red lipstick and all of your baking prowess. Let's have some dinner parties!

  3. LOVE this. Seriously, as much as I love being married, I miss the single life sometimes/a lot of times. Not needing to check all my purchases or plans, staying out late, wandering around bookstores and sitting in a coffee shop for hours on end. I miss it a lot. Please share your adventures so I can live vicariously through you.

    Also, when you're single, you can't really have arguments with yourself which is always nice :)

    1. Joint bank account = no more h&m splurging for me! Uggggh! See Abby! :/




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