Wednesday, March 21, 2012

signs of wisdom

So as you know my hair is crazy town. It's this big curly mess of the tightest curls you've ever seen that tend to GLOM together to form one big puff of curl. In all honesty? It's amazing. Well, I got my hair cut a couple weeks ago because it needed it and I've never been happier. It's easy to style, I can literally get up, scrunch my hands through it, put a flower in it (which is quickly becoming my signature) and BAM. I'm ready to go!

I was styling my hair the other day, and by styling I mean lamenting over what color flower to wear, when suddenly I noticed something...


And at 25 too! so young... and I found myself GIGGLING (it really doesn't take much) with delight. Grey hairs are a sign of wisdom... and aging... and I just have one. Flowing free. Next to all the other raven hairs. Bein' bold. It doesn't care.

I thought about pulling it out but the old wives tale, "you pull one grey hair two grow in its place," plagued me, but really? I kind of LOVE IT.

I'm the type of girl who is planning her 30th birthday (PARIS Y'ALL. PARIS.) and is excited to BE that grandma who totally leads a Zumba class at the fitness center and goes on cruises with her girlfriends every 3 months. I want to take aging by the horns and really embrace it! I think that's the only way you have fun in life. Plus I totally had my quarter life crisis earlier this year and it was SOOO legit. It's time to move on for reals.

Anyone else got grey hair(s)? Did you completely freak out orrrr did you post it on Twitter like I did? haha

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  1. I definitely just found my first gray hair too!! Like last week! It definitely took me by surprise :) I did pluck it and hopefully two don't grow back because it was right it front!



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