Wednesday, February 25, 2009

house musak

So I'm waiting for a cut to be done and just a-thinkin'. It's only cuz I HAVE time to think because all my duties are done for the night besides... turning the lights off and leaving.

I'm doing this new (for me) devotional called Sparkling Gems. It's a deep... DELVE into the Bible and how it's really meant to be broken down. I really am enjoying it so far. And! It's 365 days so I don't have to buy a new one next month! sWEET!

New news. I'm apathetic now. Have been for a little bit. Whoo! I mean in terms of... past things past and horrible hurts with certain people. There is no hate or... strong affection there is nothing. I am really enjoying that NOTHING feeling haha because there was so much of one or the other for so long. It's nice not to let myself be affected by every word and detail however minute. I haven't let myself think about what happened either so that helped a lot. But I'm apathetic now. So I think I could really... move forward here but I also could do nothing. And I'd be ok with that! YAAAY!!
*mini wave in celebration! a-wahoo!*

So lately I have made myself drink water. So much water. SO MUCH WATER I pee approximately every 4 seconds. I mean if this were happening without 2 gallons of water pumped through me a day I would say "diabetes!" but there are. 2 gallons. of water. in me. right meow. It's crazy! but I'm starting to actually... ENJOY water. *gasp!* I think someone just fainted. Oh wait it was me. But I KNOW right I NEVER liked water! So I'm very happy

Anyways. I thought I would post when I had something real but seriously it's just a bunch of random stuff strung together

that's life :0)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

pyt and tlc

I wrote a whole blog but it made no sense. It started with Michael Jackson's P.Y.T and ended with me crying randomly.

I'll post substantially soon, loves :0)

Monday, February 9, 2009

intrigue and mischance

"Intrigue and Mischance" would be the title of my book if I were alive in the 1800's. Or "Felicity, Intrigue and Mischance" There would be a duel to the death, a ball and something to do with twinkling stars or foggy rolling meadows and what have you.

I've been on a Jane Austen kick lately (can ya tell much!?) I finally finished Pride & Prejudice (affectionately called P n P) and started reading Emma (between a couple other books) and last night I saw the conclusion of Sense and Sensibility on PBS Masterpiece (affectionately called MasterSpice). I might be the only 22 year old in the world that enjoys a) Jane Austen on a pretty regular basis and b) PBS Masterpiece... and I mean... I don't have dentures or anything. All my teeth are real. I don't knit afgans (sometimes a shawl). Or have a cat named Princess Pretty Poppet. Ok I took it too far - movin' on.

Anywho... I was just mullin' some stuff last night. Wouldn't it be CRAZY easier if people just fell in love? and got married? simple as pie? ya see the guy. "heyo you're cordial" "mmm yes yes hip hip indeed i am." "let us away, my love, forever in the distance on a cream colored horse named Abernathy" "yes yes... let's away" *kiss!* done! iiii mean Jane Austen clearly had a good formula. Of course there is mischief in the middle there maybe a little infidelity and seducing but it's real life so i guess that's... normal? It just seems so easy... when it's not real i guess. ah well.

The people I know make things way too complicated than they need to be. If there was a class called Love I'd pass it. If you could fit it on a standardized bubble test I'd be the star student. 99th percentile.
Do you love me? a. yes. b. no c. HECK no.
Let's get married? a. I do! b. I do not. c. Restraining order!
Ya like kids? a. yes. b. no. c. kids are baby goats right?]

Anyway. There was no point to this blog in reality. I'm not thinking about love anyway I just think it'd be easier if we lived in 19th century England near the ocean on a rocky precipice. With Jane Austen.

Monday, February 2, 2009

there's lollipop trees and a lemonade sea!!


Since I could not update from sunny San Diego (or as my mom enjoys pronouncing it Saanthiego like she's Latina or something...) I figured I would tell of my adventures in the here and now.

Wednesday was pretty laid back. Our flight left at 12 which gave us plenty of time to mosey around. Of course I'm lying because my mother never moseys on the day of a flight. We left at 9 SHARP arrived at 10 SHARP and speedily walked on moving walkways. (which are so fun! you feel like you're on a runway cuz you're walking AND moving along with the walkway it's so great. Just try it.) So we got there and everything smelled so good! Why do airports make you EXTRA hungry? It's like they take out your stomach along with the rest of your belongings when going through security. 
Before security? Desolate wasteland. 
After security? Land of milk and honey. And McDonald's.

So we did not get McDonald's as it would have been my downfall. Boarded the flight finally. In all my meditation and studying of the itinerary I failed to see that the flight there was 4 hours and 30 minutes. AND we were behind schedule! A 5 hour flight!? Do you hate me Southwest Airlines? (the answer is: Southwest hates EVERYONE. You can tell by the tiny seat room.) So off we went... 5 hours later you could see glorious mountains and *eek!* the ocean! I had never seen the Pacific before! It was so beautiful. The sun glinting off the ocean making me partially blind and probably worsening my eye sight. I couldn't look away though. Even the airport was west coast. Lots and lots of windows. Japanese murals on the wall. The guy from Yan Can Cook has his own upscale aeropuerto ristorante. And the PALM TREES! Too many to count. They kind of wave to you as you get off the plane. 

We finally arrived at our hotel and collapsed on the bed. Then promptly got back up to go downstairs to eat. Then recollapsed on the bed. We fell asleep at about... 7 which is 9 in Chicago. The combination of time change, jet lag and 5 hours in one space will get ya! 

Thursday was better. I loitered around the hotel, stared out the window for a good hour just watching the immaculately clean cars go by. I understand Tony! Toni! Tone!'s song "It Never Rains In Southern California" so clearly now. Fo' serious. It. Does not. Rain! 

I ended up reading by the pool for a bit and reading in the lobby under the pretty lights on the oh-so-comfortable chaise lounger. There was a lady with dreds there that kept mumbling to herself and had a bra that would NOT stay up. Not a good experience for everyone else around, let me tell you. Mom came back and we went to the Gaslamp District. It was pretty cool. It's like... the heart of downtown San Diego. Lots of shops lots of places to eat. But unlike Chicago everything is in a 6 block radius. EVERYTHING. All the restaurants are crammed together and you can't figure out which entrance is which. You want seafood but you end up going inside the mexican restaurant and then you're confused. 
We walked way down to the harbour and decided to stop at PinkBerry. SO glad we did cuz it was amazing. I finally got to eat at PinkBerry!!! I have a napkin and used cup for proof haha. After the longest hour of my life going into stores we ate at La Fiesta which was SO good. I had Paella for the first time - chicken, shrimp, sausage, fish, mussels and clams all mixed together with saffron rice. It's like... Heaven... if Jesus was born in Mexico not in Bethlehem - and we saw about 80 doctors that all knew my mom and said the same thing, "YOUR MOM IS AMAZING WE LOVE HER!" haha... it was kind of cool.  My mom's a doctor celebrity. For dessert i had the best mexican coffee (sans the alcohol) I've ever had. 

Friday was long. We went to Coranado Island which is not really an island more like... a jut out of the bay. Still it was pretty. I took pictures (UGH I FORGOT MY CAMERA! Next Monday) of the boats and the sky and the pretty Asian chick in front of me just cuz I enjoy people watching. My mom is a descriptive observer. When she sees something beautiful she'll go, "This is unreal! It's like a book! Like I could sit down where I'm currently standing and write a novel set RIGHT HERE!" and I am a silent observer. Unless I'm really excited I will just keep comments to myself cuz they seem hokey *see above description* It's the same thing for art. UUUUGH I don't like when my mom describes art. "Oh the movement here it's just so pretty! I want to cry! The brushstrokes there!" blaaah. Art is so objective I've learned to keep my mouth shut and when I do speak... it's pretty short. I love my mom though. It's part of who she is. We took the ferry there and back and went to dinner afterwards. Then we walked to the hotel which was SO LONG!!!! Seriously we walked for like 3 hours that day it SUCKED. But I actually lost weight on the trip so... hey. It's a victory. 

That was my San Diegan adventure. I saw and waved to Point Loma Nazarene from the plane. I'll be back to visit. Oh. I'll be back. (WOW no pun intended)


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