Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Year-in-Review

January: lots of goals set like taking a road trip, going to Rhode Island, started BAKING for the first time in my life all thanks to a dormant gene and Joy the Baker, my brother came home from AZ, still working at, then, Eden and things were just starting to get a little bit beyond ridiculous

February: made more things! like Red Velvet Black & White cookies and Herbes de Provence fries - again all from Joy. She like ran my baking life for a good... FOREVER. Also found super cute blog Color Me Katie who inspired me to love construction paper again. Eden became Jonathan Kane and induced lots of tears on my part and crazy amounts of transitions. Got a second job that actually made me HAPPY.

March: Relatively quiet month, still my favorite part of the job happened - CORE. It was idyllic... things in real life really aren't idyllic so that always sticks out as a high point for me. Salted Chocolate and Vanilla Bean cookies happened. oh yeah. they HAPPENED. lots of engagements! *maid of honor!* nuts.

April: things started to pick up at job #2... couple launches happened... i was on phones for one of them... i may have cried that day. multiple times. again light month.

May: way too many birthdays! got my nose pierced! it fell out. *sigh* went wedding dress shopping with the bride, worked from May 18th to June 28th without a day off between both jobs... and somehow lived to tell the tale! started a CRAZY diet from satan.

June: Got my nose pierced again! it stayed in this time *yaaaay* things toughened at job #2, way too many tears at work, found The Pioneer Woman and another abigail blogger vanilla&lace who changed my foodlife for the better. new hires came to job #2... no longer a n00b! oh! my sister came to visit... for a long time.

July: I posted maybe twice that month. Got my iPhone 4! a literal high point for me. we got married. we separated for a while but not by choice! that comes in November... stay tuned! started to pull my hair out (just... go with me here ok?) made an instant friend...

August: boom crash FAILURE. haha such is my life. c'est la vie. realized i wanted to go to Rhode Island REAAAALLLY REAAALLY BADLY and started an initiative for it. Lots of knitting... which is a good thing! made a public statement about pants being the devil.

September: Katherine's wedding happened aka the most perfect wedding i've EVER been to, Renegade happened and lots of artsy things were gotten there that weren't able to be hung until now. realized i really freaking love to hug. made a philosophy on them - a "hug school" if you will.

October: started baking/knitting again in earnest! job #2 became job #1 and job #1 got DROPPED. relief. what. a freaking. relief. that "boom crash FAILURE" up in August? happened multiple times over again. It's STILL happening. It's kind of ridiculous can I just tell you that? Just know. It's SUPER ridiculous. Brudders moved out!

November: iPhone STOLEN *insert Noir text tone here... play it... it totally fits!*, denied a position with new job #1 for the second time. enter sad void of emotion Abby. enter Abby pushes everyone away to the point that it almost worked. i really didn't care at one point. i was gonna quit. and MOVE. that didn't happen though. Blueberry Cobbler got off the ground! the end of this month brought a face smashing "crash boom failure." Knocked me out and down for the count. out and down. did i NOT tell you it was ridiculous ALL of the time?! oh ok i did. good. Rhode Island plans broke down... til next year. Pooh.

December: well holiday season. duh? haha decided to make plans again regardless of the consequence. baked a RIDICULOUS amount of Christmas cookies with my mother (at LEAST 10 dozen) started the change1 initiative for myself. its working so far! as always learned to trust God... cuz I'm not so good! : )

This year's grade is a solid C. This year was REALLY hard. I omitted a lot that you don't even need or WANT to know. Just know this year was... one of the hardest.

I'm excited to see what the next year brings though. I still get the feeling that there's so much OUT there to see! Eventually I will make it to RISD. eventually I will stop failing at relationships multiple times over and eventually I will surrender my WHOLE self to God. When that happens... oh my world will change. High-fiving a million angels HAH!

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