Wednesday, January 5, 2011

keep up

hey all ten of you subscribed to this blog (bahaha... *wipes tear* amazing.) i have a new blog for you to read!

It's called Keeping Up with Dia - a sweet, newly formed blog about the adventures of my manager Dia in California. Well she's technically NOT my manager anymore she's... my new friend Dia : ) turns out she's a awesome writer. Simplistic and very thoughtful... completely different than the hating of pants and liking of coats over here with me. It's like sitting down to drink a cup of hot tea after a long day - you feel SUPER relaxed when reading. I'm also finishing her handwarmers as we type! w00t

Head on over! you won't be disappointed and I might even pop up on there someday... ya know when I visit. Yeah... that's happening. Prepare for that k?

1 comment:

  1. I love being a hot cup of tea. That also makes me want some.



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