Wednesday, January 5, 2011

abbyblujay - a brief history.

for those that know me at work and/or follow me on Twitter I'm abbyblujay. a name made up randomly one day when i thought about my first and middle name (it's Joanna) and how my mother always calls me AJ. Somehow my love of birds (their symbolism and NOT their physical form) literally swooped down into the mix and abbyblujay was formed.


nice to meet you!

my friend Maggie stumbled upon this tonight on Etsy and if I could ever personify my name it would be in this picture. No doubt. I want this print so bad!
via carambatak on Etsy

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    also, i just read through Dia's entries... I hope she doesn't mind me stalking her. Because it's like reading a novel. One that is being written daily. It's called Dia's Life. Or perhaps something a little more creative. You know.



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