Thursday, August 26, 2010

exciting news!!

You guys remember my obsession with RISD right? maybe you don't... mayyybe it's cuz i never told you haha. Let's start at the very beginning (feel free to hum the Sound of Music while you read this). A long long time ago before college happened I loved Brown University. I don't know whyyy but I think it was because of this girl I went to high school with, Divya. I have no idea where she is today but she went to Brown and planted that seed that awesome people go to Brown University.

Eventually I realized that Brown didn't have my major but oddly enough the school 3 feet away did - RISD. It was artsy... and not confined by rules and by a major body of water it just... WORKED. It got to the point where I'd tear up just thinking about being surrounded by artistic AND academic excellence. And theennnnn I realized I didn't have a portfolio to show to even get into the school. Eventually the dream faded...

...Enter Olivet... aka most of the previous entries in this blog and my Live Journal... and a good amount of turmoil, happiness and band.

Here we are in the present day! I've graduated (duh) I have 2 jobs and I DON'T want a masters. I DIDN'T want a masters, that is, until everyone I ever met kept asking me if I'm going back to school. Is it like... a common question people ask nowadays? Or just me because I'm supposed to get a masters? WHAT IF I DON'T WANT TO GET A MASTERS!? What if I just go TO the Masters... and take a picture there... then I can say I've already been... people would totally think I wasn't talking about golf. DUPED!

Anyway... RISD holds this summer graphics program delightfully shortened to SIGDS. They're 2 week courses for people of all skill levels for credit/non-credit and I've wanted to go since my senior year of college since I kinda gave up on attending the school. The cost of the sessions are expensive. EX.PENNNSIVVVVVE. So I put that on hold... until a few days ago. I was talking with a friend of mine from work and again was asked about a frickin MASTERS, to which i responded, "no," but this time I decided to visit RISD's site for old times sake when I got home.

Something happened... it was like a flame was ignited in my heart and a sumo wrestler slapped me in the face all at the same time! I want a masters. Feel free to yell, "WHAT?!" cuz I would. Totally. Yeah. But first I'd really like to go to SIGDS and try it out. It's my tester course at RISD. If I love it then I'll pursue a full masters.

Are you FREAKING out right now?! I know right this is HUGE!!! Honestly I think it's God. I pray I'm not hearing something else. This is the first time in a while something in my heart connected and ignited. I just don't want to pursue something that isn't for me. I need to raise some funds - all together about 6500 dollars plus a plane ticket. I'm gonna talk to my employers about working at Providence Place for 4 weeks while I'm there and see if there is some kind of scholarship available. I'm also going to be knitting and baking for donations so if you have any requests bring em on! On the knitting side I'll be making hand warmers, leg warmers, scarves and hats helped by Blueberry Cobbler, my family's knitting business and pieces from friends like Maggie who is sweetawesome and crafty, too. On the baking side I'll make whatever you want between my mother and myself we run the kitchen - tentatively we're called The Kitchen Table. Don't gank the name. It is taken.

*sigh*...dang this is long.

I'm gonna need your help to get to Rhode Island in June. I know you want some food. You know I know you know you want some food. However you guys can help I would appreciate it. Between now and April (the deadline) there will be much prayer but I'm so excited. I'm shaking I'm so excited right now. This blog will probably be RISD central for a bit while I rally support so bear with me. Don't worry there will still be baking and knitting and posts about pants sucking at life. I'm just so excited!!!! ok I should sleep. sleep is good.


  1. SO fahreaking proud right now. My bosom swells.

  2. thank you raiye :') that means a lot

  3. 1000 cookies please :)

    Proud of you Abbers :)



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