Thursday, January 20, 2011

tiny & idyllic

I just got back from my eye doctor (which is CONVENIENTLY located underneath my apartment) and it was pretty much the best time ever. I wish I was kidding. Anyway it inspired me to write a short extra crazy blog about why I love living in downtown Flossmoor.

yes this will be in bullet points.

yes just assume Robyn Radio is playing.

  • everything but a grocery store is located downstairs. Insurance, travel brokers, 2 restaurants, THE TRAIN STATION
  • lemme elaborate on how close the train station is. If I'm catching the 11:10 train I WAKE UP at 11. Is it anymore clear now? if I jumped out the window I'd land on the train. by the way how awesome would that be if i jumped out the window to catch the train?! 
  • The library and the post office are also around the corner, which makes life so much easier for someone like me. I still mail things off late and the post office is literally 30 ft away. It's bad haha
  • My eye doctor is also downstairs who I haven't seen in quite some time
  • We ended up having a heartfelt conversation about the difference between AT&T and Verizon, MacBook Airs and the wonderful benefits of AppleCare - yeah that happened. She thanked me for the advice. She's gonna get a MacBook Pro. *nods* 
  • Her daughter, Laura, went to the same highschool as I do - she doesn't remember me but she's seriously awesome
  • She's also part of a band called iFightDragons - a band that takes the music from video games and makes awesome music from it - epic right? I know! I wanna be her best friend. no joke she's cool
  • We all tried on glasses together after my appointment (my eye doctor included) and laughed and joked about eyewear chic
  • Sweet Annie's - the bakery below my apartment - gave me a free pecan streusel muffin today because I had never tried it before
  • They know me by name : )
  • That makes my heart warm and makes me blush 
  • You can tell me the wonders about Molly's Cupcakes or Swirlz or Sugar Bliss but Sweet Annie's red velvet cupcakes are LITERALLY the truth. THE TRUTH do you hear me?! I'll say no more

If I ever move (and we very well might) every town will have to be a comparison of downtown Flossmoor. It's been nothing but perfect for the past ten years of my life. 

In other news I took the stairs today twice! w00t! My jeans are also a little loose! EPIC AMAZING.
downtown Flossmoor - view from the library (via Instagram) love : )

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  1. yay for the stairs! :)
    and flossmoor sounds lovely. i'll be over for a visit (and a cupcake) immediately. :)



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