Monday, September 20, 2010

the philosophy of hugs

I am a connoisseur of hugs. Please note that I spelled the word "connoisseur" correct the FIRST time I spelled it. And the second. Moving on. I call myself that because I assess how people hug. Everyone. All the time.

First, I really love hugs. I don't know why but I've been a snuggle bug since birth. I have to ASK my own mother to hug me. I mean it's not good. I would greet someone in a hug any time of any day. If I'm happy I wanna hug. If I'm sad I wanna hug. If I'm mad? Well if I'm mad I do NOT wanna hug. Don't touch me. I will kill you. BUT that's not the point. For the most part I'm always happy so I always want a hug.

I find that hugs open the door to awesome things. Back scratches, hair tousles, perfume smelling, beginnings of good conversations and ends to good conversations had I mean the possibilities following hugs are just ENDLESS.

Types I enjoy (you didn't think I'd go there... but I AM.): the mom hug: above the shoulders so your head ends up in the crook of your mother's neck. She birthed you. Your head just naturally fits in that space. It was specifically made for mom hugs and scientifically proven to calm you down in stressful situations and reminders that she is in fact your mother. Tests. Tests have been done. I'm lying. You believed me for a second though.

the guy hug/boyfriend hug: above the shoulders full on with accompanied two armed shoulder squeeze. the hugs that totally envelopes you and makes you feel... wonderful. they give me the tinglies. usually their head will rest on top of yours. short guys kinda miss out on the wonders of this because... they can't REACH your shoulders. fail. But a good hug? can render you speechless.

the girl hug: from the side, one armed followed by a short squeeze/back pat. Usually given to a guy that's a friend. Girl hugs to another friend that's a girl is full on with a back pat/rub. You've seen them. They're short in nature. Not my favorite.

the extended hug: my favorite hug. a hug that has no expectations or strings attached. huggin' for huggin's sake. feel free to take ten minutes from whatever you're doing to CONTINUOUSLY. HUG. afterwards... you feel like you took a power nap. for serious.

the Abby hug! my own special brand. It depends on the person if i go above the shoulders or not but i will ALWAYS give you a squeeze then scratch your back. The back scratch is actually my indicator to NOT stop hugging me haha. Most people think it's the indicator to stop. Lies. Opposite day. Keep going.

Test em out! No,  HUG it out. RIGHT. NOW.

(still on the road to Rhode Island! if you want more info go here and here! i appreciate the help guys!)

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