Monday, January 3, 2011

the new breed

I'd like to introduce to you the newest genre of people. The hot black artsy hipster nerd. Welcome to my life. Every time I say it I think of "Will&Grace"s 'hot gay nerd' which makes me giggle lots. But really that's the new generation of people on the rise. It's kind of awesome. When I say kind of I mean really.

Traits to look for:

  • being African-American (...obviously?!)
  • people might call you an oreo on a daily basis - hi. my life. 
  • you own more scarves than pairs of jeans - shopping tip? H&M keeps their stock FRESH. 
  • We love Targets. But really as a general rule who doesn't love Target? If you don't you're soul-less. but for real.
  • we're pretty open about our love of Starbucks. but also enjoy supporting local/organic eateries 
  • EXTRA love local artists and art movements in general
  • strong magnetic personalities - made way more awesome by the fact that you have to push your glasses up on your nose. not sayin? just sayin.
  • favor glasses over contacts - obvs. 
  • having multiple pairs of prescription glasses to match outfits
  • guaranteed a pair of those are red (or you REALLY want them to be. secretly.)
  • lots of plaid. SO much plaid?! 
  • 2 or more pairs of TOMS
  • you either have a tiny cute nose ring, tattoo or both
  • your hair is natural (mine is seasonally natural... do i still count? i SO count. pfft.)
  • you're still SUPER awkward! haha hey guys... have you met me? cuz... oh man haha... just... WOO! so awkward is my ENTIRE life - sweet.
  • generally their job will reflect said nerdiness/awesomeness status - Apple, local coffee shops, anywhere in Wicker Park... that sort of thing
  • continually up-to-date with technological culture (iPhones, iPads, Macs)
  • revel in the vintage aspect of the products they buy as well - it's a balance : ) 
  • loves finding creative outlets and ways to refresh and reset their life and surroundings

now the hot black artsy hipster nerd (I'm gonna affectionately shorten this to h-bahn) is not to be confused with the attractive black trendsetter but we're almost in the same category. we don't care about trends... which oddly enough makes us trendsetters. it's completely brilliant.

i laugh too loudly. i have dimples. i look off to the side a lot. i told a woman today that if she weren't there i'd just be walking around talking to myself about how awesome our products are. she hugged me. probably out of sympathy. *nods* so yeah. we're a rare find... which is why we're awesome.

but for real.

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  1. You dont know how much I love this post. Make a series, ASAP.



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