Wednesday, January 19, 2011

digital love

Just a quick update to say, "Hey!" and I'm doing good.

Robyn radio on Pandora is still going strong.

I'm working on switching from pop to water... *takes a break to mindless chug down some ounces before I gag* <-- true story.

Reading French Milk by Lucy Knisley which is making me laugh. She is a funny cartoonist graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago and RISD pre-college program, which, of course, means I am soaking up this book in every way. It's about her adventures in Paris... in cartoon form. LOVE. IT.

Apparently I glow for a living now. *shrugs* who knew that could be a career goal.

I slept for like forever and half years today... then took a nap later in the day. Involuntarily. I was knitting and then I woke up half an hour later. Knitting is therapeutic but almost too much haha

I am trying to psych myself up to exercising a few minutes a day. My dvd player is broken (I'm a fan of Turbo Jam. for real though? try it.) which is giving me a bad excuse to NOT do anything. Maybe I should walk... tomorrow..... *looks away*

I get to go to my old eye doctor tomorrow! OK here's the reason why this is exciting. I live in an apartment in the downtown area of Flossmoor. There's an eye doctor below the apt (next to the bakery - Sweet Annie's) that I went to and they were super nice and had cool frames and then their insurance changed. Tré désolée. Then MY insurance carrier changed recently and we're back! WOO!!! It's the little things that make me happy. Clearly.

I am in a seriously snuggly mood today. Like it's intense. I've been having a staring contest with my bed for like 5 minutes now just thinking about it.

I love my random entries haha : )

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