Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Friday self

I'm a pretty uneventful person most times. Let's face it. I don't get out much. I'm not huge into the bar scene and I hardly get to be into the art scene because... I live at home. *nods* let's face reality. Even if I had my own apartment who is to say the Friday version of myself would be anymore exciting than say, my Tuesday self - who is a riot and does not get along with my Monday self... who is always tired.

So when I am with myself on a Friday I do the things I enjoy however mundane they may be. For example:

•watching Check, Please! on PBS
•taking random naps
•watching pretty much any movie Nora Ephron or Nancy Meyers directed. They're completely brilliant. They just get the typical girl inside of every woman
•cleaning odd parts of my room like the bottom lefthand side of my closet floor
•baking cookies at 11pm in a tank top and slipper boots - I really enjoy baking late. I'm a night owl and it's amazingly therapeutic - another idea for the name of a bakery, Night Owl bakery. I wouldn't open til 5pm and close at 2am and only open Thursday-Sunday. TOTALLY brill.

Even though this list screams "foxy grandma!" im secure in my youth. I'd say my Friday self is quite alright with me :)

Happy Friday! (well Saturday morning) back to baking


  1. If you do open said bakery, let me know. I've been pondering the idea of a late-night yarn store. I'm thinking one that opens around 2pm and closes around 2am and is only open from Wednesday-Sunday (something like that). My husband wants to connect it to a bar...but I'm not sure late night drunken knitting is a good idea. Just sayin'...but, late night drunken bakery goods? Absolutely.

  2. Consider me a regular at the Night Owl Bakery.



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