Monday, January 4, 2010


I figure if 2 people read this blog 1 person reads my LJ so this won out haha

January: Started interning at church, got a job at Eden, went to San Diego, started weight loss competition

February: more of the same - working, met Rachel Berger (an experience!), ordered my first w00t shirt!

March: Mom's b-day, Mike's b-day, more work, had a scavenger hunt in Orland mall - my team won

April: went to Olivet for gospel choir concert, met up with Maggie and Zach, took 2nd place in the competition, lost 21 lbs, Easter, ordered my iMac (iMogen)

May: iMmi arrived!, birthday wasn't good, lost insurance, have insurance, memorial day at my pastor's giant house

June: anisha's birthday, went to Bongo Room (most excellent!), got CS4, introduced myself to fine yarns

July: started leg warmers, Autumn's birthday weekend, intro'd to warm beignets, found the wonders of, MET MRS. BLAIR (of designmom) because I randomly decided to go to BlogHer and meet this wonderful lady - and in all my excitement i neglected to tell her I'm a designer LOL

August: SOCIAL WEEK - IKEA, Cheesecake Factory, Mrs. Taylor, Anisha and downtown adventures, 500 days of Summer - happened, met up with Jayme for a sucky movie

September: Renegade Craft Fair with Maggie, Becca, Susan and Christine (i believe that's what her name was), found Clover & Bee, Kanye happened (oh Kanye, why?)

October: Festival of Harts (hats & art), made many knit hats for people, saw Othello by the Joffrey, saw INGRID MICHAELSON and my heart didn't give out from all the awesomeness, went to Columbia and handmade my own paper which is currently adorning my face in this profile picture, talked to about 7 people I haven't talked to in over a year, spent the night at Anisha's again

November: Olivet homecoming, tire inflation/deflation craziness, Olivet gospel choir concert CRAZY with Emilee, Olive Garden with JJ, Thanksgiving in the living room, actually went shopping the day after with my siblings

December: 2nd Renegade plans fell through miserably, cried in public!, craftily concocted a plan to get my mother a Cuisinart, plans worked much much crying, difficult family month, spent New Year's Eve with my drunk-off-the-full-moon niece and nephew

Overall: giving the year a B+ there was a lot of crappy stuff that happened but a lot of good stuff happened too! It was almost an A- but the crying in public really tipped it over to the B-side : ) So far this year... it's too early to tell... i think it will be interesting though.

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