Tuesday, January 19, 2010

take these fingers for a walk!

Goal: Sketch more. I like drawing. I'm good at drawing. I need to draw more. Reopen my imagination so I can design. I believe cobwebs are collecting there at the moment. I'll draw cobwebs. I also need to explore typographic design. I can (almost) identify most fonts by sight, but where the heck does THAT skill get you? I need to put this love/obsession to good use! I think if I explore it finally I'll open a whole new brain door haha.

Oh! I'm taking a break from Facebook this week. I went on this morning and there was yet ANOTHER birthday/church-day/happy day/do-we-REALLY-need-an-excuse?!-day party from the same 20 people at church. I... could elaborate on "injustices" but no one has wronged me in any way so these feelings are unfounded. What does upset me is that I still have no friends at church. So I'm just gonna... stay away from Fb for a sec and revamp my attitude. Sounds good okay?

Baking update: Made butter cookies in the Cuisinart food processor 2 days ago. It took me approximately 5 minutes to pulse 12 times and the dough was there. No tired arms... NOTHIN. I've decided to make that Cuisinart my new best friend. We tight. Did I mention they were the best butter cookies I've EVER made?? I'm convinced it was the Cuisinart's magical food preparation-y goodness. That and a pinch of salt*. I've learned to NEVER underestimate salt. EVER.

*This message for salt is approved by Abby and her fake moustache.

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