Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The saga of biscuit days

2 posts in 1 day!? Unheard of... but I just successfully made my second batch of biscuits and I think everyone (again, to the 3 of you who read this.) needs to know about this SWEET success. I should mention before I get started that my mom isn't even in the state - usually I'm yelling like, "HEY IS THIS DOUGH OK?!". This is huge. HUGE.

It all started Tuesday when I decided, "I should make something." and you can see the below entry for my findings of the biscuits. I got home Tuesday evening and realized... I left the recipes at work. So I sat down and copied the recipe for the buttermilk biscuits from the website... then I put the shortening and butter in the fridge cuz I forgot that, too. By then it was, mmm, 6:30. Finally! Everything was set... went in the cabinet, got the flour container, opened it and!... we're out of flour. Never in my entire life has there not been flour... SOME WHERE... but I found cake flour and bread flour and called my mom. She said it would be ok as a substitute.

So glad. Cuz seriously that was ridiculous for a second.

Even though I forgot the salt they turned out REALLY GOOD (tasting. i know my grammar.)! The cake flour made them lighter than air, and they're super tasty with butter and syrup. You'd never know the difference.

Today's batch went amazingly well too. Cept I remembered the salt. I pretty much shouted it out to make myself remember it.

Don't ever forget the salt in baked goods. It'll taste good but *something* will be missing. It's the salt. Go ahead. Turn that upper torso around and kick yourself in the butt. But after you do just underline "salt" in all your recipes and your life will INSTANTLY brighten... or something like that.

Today's biscuit's tasted just like Red Lobster's. Except better. Because I made them with love. Just like a Krabby Patty. They also taste fantastic with soup. The biscuits not a Krabby Patty.

Here are my results!

The first is my breakfast of Buttermilk biscuits, butter and syrup. Not the best shot but it was like 3 seconds before I walked out the door haha. The second and third are the cheddar biscuits. SO EXCITED.

ok. Must sleep! busy day tomorrow...... busy day.

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