Saturday, January 2, 2010

A series of goals

New Life Goal: To be fluent in both Spanish and French before I die. I'd like to say before I'm 30 but I have this other Life Goal of going to Paris by that time. On my birthday. I love languages and I'm actually amazing at learning them. I just can't speak it fluently to save my life. In college when my teacher would ask me a question in Spanish I would understand perfectly and respond IN ENGLISH. (The reason I quit Spanish? Because I wanted to learn Portuguese. DID NOT HAPPEN. That and I had a crush on the prof... *shrugs* I removed myself from the situation. Moving on!)

I have also been extra interested in the French language lately, and I've always been interested in Paris so I figure I should learn the language I'm so interested in. I hate American tourists who think shouting, "BONJOURBONJOURBONJOUR" will get you service. Bad form. The boo box.

I have no idea how or when this will come about but I wanted to tell you about this goal before I forgot. I'm tagging this post "Life Goals" so I can look at them all at one time and say, "I HAVE COMPLETED THAT!" I'm a fan of lists. You should know this by now. I have no readers so... maybe you don't know this haha.

I'm currently obsessed with Joy the Baker and am feverishly copying down her Red Velvet Black & White Cookies for my mom to make because she'll make it in this decade and I will never get to it haha. I shouldn't say that.

New New Life Goal: Work on procrastination.

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