Wednesday, January 13, 2010

summer goal

I'm makin' all these goals n stuff! I like it! Things you should know about me: I'm not a planner. Everytime I plan something and name it 'awesome' it falls through. Seriously! Whenever I'm excited about something in particular? It NEVER goes right. Actually I think it goes wrong just to be like *sticks tongue out* so THERE! I've learned to like the things that spontaneously go right without really planning anything major.

Then my mom told me out of the blue one day, "You need to start planning things for yourself. You are at a stage in your life that if you don't plan, I'm no longer responsible for making things happen. You are." ...Deep. Ask Aaron (my nephew) he was totes in the car for this message from Above.

So I've decided I'm gonna plan. Plan my BUTT OFF. No, really, I'd like to plan for my butt to disappear sometime around May. Watch for that. It will be epic.

This one is more of a lofty plan but I'm just setting it out there for someone (all 3 of you who read this haha) to bite then I can REEL them in with my plans of amazingness. I want to road trip... SOMEWHERE. Preferably California. Actually I'd like to go to California. That's my only option haha. I don't really know where this is coming from except through two explanations: 1. fulfilling the calling of my youth... or... something retarded a young person would say. 2. I never did the spring break thing and now I REALLY WANT TO! It's a little bit of 1... mostly 2 though. I never had friends I could up and go to ANYWHERE with... So I'd like to do that... soon.

Also, I'll be going to Rhode Island next summer : ) ok this isn't true... but I'm trying to make it true!

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