Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new cubed

New Yearly Goal (ok... and a new life goal): Bake more. Joy the Baker has inspired me re-introduce myself to baking, shake it warmly by the hand and become best friends with it. I would also like to become best friends with Joy the Baker. Can that be possible? I feel like she'd respond positively.

This should perfectly coincide with me trying to lose weight, yes? If Annie Leary, the powerhouse baker that she is, can do it so can I! I think the trick is to give what you're baking AWAY to people that regularly exercise or... to people that tell you to bake for them (nora & anishaaaa)

That would also get me 1 step closer to owning a knit shoppe (I enjoy the word "shoppe" more than "shop") and bakery. Not to compete with Sweet Annie's two doors over, I'm just sayin'.

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