Monday, January 25, 2010

crazy daze

The past few works days have been ABSOLUTELY insane. I'm gonna highlight the high points... which are kind of actually LOW points? But they're high points here.

Before I get into this, one thing I have to say! Nosy people? *shakes head* I don't... I CANNOT... there aren't even any words. Ummm, quit bein' nosy! Thanks. And I'm also sayin' this to myself. But I'm mostly sayin' this to... OK MOVING ON.

Work Day Friday: I was SO excited for Friday. Fridays are when I go to Sweet Annie's and get a confectionary treat for lunch and sometimes go to the library to pick up a book on hold. Hey,  I never said my life was extra exciting. I just live it out in awesome ways. I even Fb'd about a nap. I mean I was EXCITED about this NAP!

Someone ended up calling in sick, which happens, ya know? But! Here's the CLINCHER. No one else was available to work so I worked ALL DAY. No nap : (  people came up to me and asked me about that nap. It was reported to be an EPIC nap. I digress. So I worked all day and it actually wasn't so bad I was just dog tired. I definitely still had to work at 7 am the next morning though.

The only upsetting part was... as a compensation for 12 hours she brought me Harolds! WOOO! Right?! I get the chicken and open the box and what do I see? More like what I DON'T see. THE SAUCE. Never in the history of black people eating Harold's Chicken has there been NO SAUCE ON CHICKEN. I just... she's black... I'm black... it goes without saying! If you wanted chicken without sauce you'd probably go to... KFC or Popeyes. So... I ate my dry chicken because I couldn't leave and that was THAT. Still upset over that chicken! Don't mess with black people and Harold's.

Work Day Saturday: I got up ok and made it to work on time. I actually enjoy the hour and a half of silence in the morning. There is usually only about 2 clients at 8 and they're usually in the spa so I have a little bit of alone time (aka Abby WAKE UP!) before it gets crazy busy promptly at 9. Know what else helped? Grande Caramel Frapuccino extra whip. Just sayin'. So it did get busier and I was fine. I vented to everyone around that I wasn't working for ANYONE and nobody not no HOW was gonna keep me from reuniting with my nap! Except a major emergency kept me from reuniting with my nap. I thought I was gonna have to work all day again because, AGAIN, we couldn't get in touch with the other coordinator! I had to go to her HOUSE, knock on her DOOR, and wake her out of SLUMBER to ask if she could work for me. Granted her house is directly behind Eden but still! I worked 3 hours short of all day, which was fine with me!

Like Friday, Saturday wasn't too bad except....... for one... isolated incident. A client comes in, late, of course. She's English and... when I say English I mean high tea and crumpets, we only have tea in the PARLOR, have you met my kitten Archibald kind of English. I guess she's used to a... different way of life because she constantly calls in to make an appointment THE DAY OF. In a successful salon/spa business you should be booked! Which we WERE, but then she gets mad when no one's available. *vertical face wipe* People. Astound. Me. We got her in, though. Like I said she got there late. She wanted coffee and we willingly made some for her. She takes the dry creamer sitting there, picks it up and shakes! shakes it! DRY creamer! So naturally, according to laws of physics and aerodynamics, it goes everywhere. All over the counter and on the floor. When her stylist attempts to clean it up, the client says, "Oh, don't worry, the maid will get it." I... I feel like an illustration of my face needs to be inserted here.

The... maid? I had to blink... blink a LOT and then I contemplated kicking her in the face? But that's no good. Then I sat. By that time someone else had actually cleaned it up! HAHA! That wasn't my intention but I was stunned into numbness. I had to laugh. It's funny! It's MESSED UP and rude and classless but it's funny!!

Thank you God for helping me get out alive, without cursin' anyone out. The only residual damage is now everyone calls me Harold, the maid.

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