Monday, November 3, 2008

cuz i'm cryin'... it's amazing... and i'm craaazay...

that was a compilation of three of aerosmith's songs that sound exactly the same... and all have alicia silverstone in them. say it with me.. aleeeseeeaaaahhh.

so iiii was sitting in my apartment as i often do nowadays and i was thinking about.. i don't know i always think about everything all at once. And somehow the plans i've made with people popped up... well the plans that always fell through came up. and THAT (oy stream of conciousness turn turn turn...) reminded me why i don't make plans with friends with anyone that span longer than two weeks because they will always fall through.

people forget... people forget on purpose... usually by the time the plans are supposed to come through the friendship has ended. no seriously all the times i make future plans that friendship ends pretty badly beforehand. it's happened oh... 4 times. so i've stopped making plans. it's worked. live day by day and never look forward and if somehow plans are made even for 2 days from now i count it as a small miracle (a small wonder if you will like the tv show)

Also! I was watching TLC last night... Purity Ball. People in Colorado are part of the purity movement to keep their daughters pure until marriage. That's fine I consent but here's the kicker. if the daughters mess up... the parents shoot out of orbit. Disown them pretty much and sever all ties. now where... WHHHERRRE in the Bible does it say that?? It was sad and... creepy a little bit at the same time. They stressed the importance of dad's in a girls like and if you don't you turn to other guys. So... in my case then... I'm automatically a slut because I don't have a prominent father figure. I had no idea! I need to go prePARE! In a sense though it is true... though i've never gotten involved in relationship friendships with guys always turn out... horribly except for the choice few that are good. but how they said it was like 'have a dad or be a slut! apply today!' I think it's definitely important to consecrate your body but... *sigh* people from Colorado are always extreme i swear to bob. extreme skiing, biking, mountain climbing and now it's spilled over into marriage. EXTREME MARRIAGE! SCALE THE MOUNTAIN SIDE WHILE WRITING YOUR VOOOWS! yeesh.

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