Wednesday, October 29, 2008

tony bourdain is not the man

so i was on my way to the library this afternoon when i came across two girlfriends walking into one of the little... downtownie shops complaining about how she wasted her yesterday. the other girl said, 'you needed it.' and i smiled. It's funny how girlfriends condone laziness and consent to gluttony when necessary. Like if you have a bad day? eat your weight in chocolate. Bad break up? Lie on the couch. I'll get the Ben and Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio (my favorite b the w) and usually the ulterior motive is to make yourSELF feel better and not the other person haha. It's also weird how we categorize our problems as girls and friends of girls. Since when does one problem trump the other? Like boys clearly trumps you being jobless and having no money. Or frustration clearly trumps family problems. A broken friendship trumps that broken friendship it's just... it's CRAZY but thats the way things work i guess because it hasn't changed much in the history of girls being friends with each other. *shrugs* Boys are the Ace of spades in the card game of life... aces always win everything is else is definitely a smaller card haha. (then it makes me think of Motorhead "The ace of spaaaades! the ace of spaaades!")

i have no idea what this entry means i just thought it and decided to write it down. i'm also not mad or frustrated... this was a serious stream of conciousness as you can tell by Motorhead.

but... i definitely get the friend skills from my mom... comfort... hug hug... PROBLEM SOLVE... move on! lets get past this WHOOO PEP RALLY FOR MOVIN OOON YEAAAAAH! haha it doesn't work well in a lot of situations which maaay explain the miniscule amount of friends i have. so usually i just shut my mouth and listen. that works better most times :0)

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