Monday, November 17, 2008

cookin for three

I am really not supposed to be here right now I need to be doing dishes but i'm giving myself 7 minutes to post a little ditty on here :0)

Crap! i dawdled. only 3 minutes left.

Well, folks, I have a job lead. It's crazy early like I applied on careerbuilder with Heather's AMAZING cover letter and 2 minutes later he asked me to send work and 1 hour later i'm back sending the work! i know right? I'm excited and nervous and praying to Jesus this is a good job opportunity for me cuz... Lord KNOWS he knows he KNOWS I'm desperate beyond belief. but not beyond believing.

Tomorrow's blog: LOTR FOTR Tcubed & ROTK and how it pertains to my mother and life in general! Stay tuned man... stay tuned.

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