Wednesday, November 19, 2008

there there baby it's just textbook stuff

Sorry folks I got sidetracked yesterday and felt like I needed to write that blog that I may copy into my LJ later on. But here is the blog no one is waiting for but I have been in anticipation of...

LOTR: FOTR TTT & ROTK and how they pertain to my mother.

I love my mom... she's my favorite person in the whole wide world. But uhh my mom has a small problem... she has specific movies she identifies with and they change about every... 10 years. First it was Dances with Wolves. She was SO obsessed with that movie. I mean she learned the Native American phrases. For example when I was little she gave me a cookbook with written recipes in it. Well I guess she forgot it was a cookbook at one time because the first page, not EVEN the first page the thicker page beFORE all the pages start, had Dances with Wolves in phonetic Native American in it. Yay memories!

Then it was Braveheart. When my mom gets nostalgic she'll bring that up and how she watched most of the movie from the kitchen (granted the kitchen was around a couple corners) because she can't take blood and gore and dying, ya know, the stuff Braveheart is based on. She loves that movie though and every time it runs on TNT she goes, "OH!... OH I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I watched it from the KITCHEN..." *12 hours later* "OH... BRAVEHEART I LOVE IT."

And now it's Lord of the Rings. It absolutely changed her life. I'm serious that movie was LIFE changing for my mother. The first one we watched in the theatre she had a hat pulled over her eyes for the better portion of 3 hours. The second one... more of the same and by the third one she was so entranced there were just constant tears.

Now everything she sees... a grassy hillside... someone with a long beard... medieval war attire... giant trees... she compares to the Shire, Gandalf, Lord of the Rings and an Ent. At first it was funny being caught up in the magic of the movie and it's fantasy world of AWESOME then it just got annoying because here we are a whole 5 YEARS after the third (not even the first!) movie premiered and she still references LOTR every chance she gets. And I'm serious not a day goes by without a reference. We were watching House Hunters! And it came up... and they were in ITALY! That hillside does NOT look like the Shire, Mom!

*sigh...* I finally stopped to ponder WHY she does this... at first I just came up with the conclusion my mother is in fact crazy with a capital C and Z for effect. Then I remembered why she likes movies like these. They are filled with heroic men and women who full of honor and gusto and umph. She loves people with honor they, to her, are the perfect example of how people should live. Have you ever met anyone along the lines of Aragorn or the guy in Dances with Wolves? Didn't think so... so she holds onto images in movies and they give her hope of people actually acting like that in real life. And I think she knows God has a personality like that... so instead of coming off looking crazy she just... is brilliant. As usual.

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