Wednesday, April 13, 2011

choose your own adventure day!

I have the day off tomorrow! I have to stop starting my entries with "day off." it's getting repetitive. ok let's start again.

I'm not going to work tomorrow! yeah... that was no better. fail. moving on!

Somehow I'm really excited by the fact that I have no plans of any sort and I'm kinda feeling like a city trip is needed. I need some alone time and Argo tea and a trip to Anthropologie to stare drooly and bug-eyed at their bedding that costs $300. I would be that person that buys Anthropologie bedding and JUSTIFIES the purchase. I mean that bedding is more than the cost of AppleCare (woah i just compared that HAH) and it does way less. BUT IT'S ANTHROPOLOGIE! hence the instant justification. such is life hmm?

I also am in DESPERATE need of Sharpies in my LIFE! I have one hanging on my keychain at work and it just makes me so happy. So I also, obviously, want to go to Blick. But... lurking down the street from Blick is Akira. They're the devil masking as a shoe store. I'm gonna tell you why so you don't fall into their vicious trap. They. Carry. TOMS. *gasp!* are you biting your fist? (you totally should be... that's back in style now.) But for real! It is DANGEROUS to go in there! That's how I found my Emily Dickens TOMS and that is ALSO how I overdrew my bank account in the same breath. Yeah... so you understand my dilemma. They STEAL your money! Thieves! Murderesses! aka I will probably end up buying another pair of TOMS if I go. These. Yeah... I have problems.


I could stay in town *buh* and go to Target *yay!* and look at their pretty jewelry and scarves and food that is exactly the same as the food in Jewel but seems much more appealing in a Target. And I could also get cheap pizza that happens to be REALLY good cuz it's local and not a chain. I could stay home and not wear pants ALL. DAY. (oh man this is starting to sound super good) Paint my toesies and watch Barefoot Contessa work her cooking magic in her home in the Hamptons.

I'm gonna pretty much just go with how the day takes me... If iiii end up going downtown going to Argo then getting pizza on the way home then cool! orrrr if iiii go to Target then head downtown and just go to Blick and *hopefully* avoid Akira then awesome!  And if I wake up at 2pm roll outta bed and order pizza to be delivered well then FANTASTIC hahaha. I'll see where the day takes me : )

by the by, i deactivated my facebook for a week or two so if you don't see me... it's cuz you can't. it's a result of the things that are happening right now that i won't talk about? plus whose life WASN'T made better by the absence of facebook? exactly. we'll see if i come back... playing that by ear too. right now it's pretty refreshing. it's funny that muscle memory tells my hand to go to the third topsite by instinct. poor hand.

p.p.s. (since the 'by the by' was totally a p.s.) - my favorite color right now is mustard yellow. can ya tell much?? also i like my cartoony book graphic i just cranked out at 1am. why am i awake?!

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  1. Ugh I haven't been to Anthro in FOREVER which maybe probably is a good thing. I hope you spend some quality time there (and Argo). Then buy your TOMS, swing by Target for some browsing, and pick up a pizza on the way home. But, if you do these things... please don't forget your pants.

    P.S. I'm sad you deactivated your Facebook. Mainly because it was my only way of sharing random internet awesomeness with you. Maybe I'll just hafta get a Twitter.



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