Wednesday, April 6, 2011

cloudy with a chance

This is my first off day in what seems like 12 years but really it's only been a few days. The bad thing about off days are they don't ever FEEL like off days! they feel like days-I-should-feel-guilty-about-not-being-at-work days. So I'm pretty much vowing to do absolutely nothing today. I am all for creating and doing and being and loving and all that stuff but today... nothing.

I just. need a day. to do NOTHING.

Except wash my hair, and do the dishes, make more butter pecan ice cream and go to the bank.

oops. failure on that one.

I've started sketching again and it's quite therapeutic. For the first time I'm making myself sketch with a PEN not a pencil (my comfort tool of creation along with charcoal) and embrace the mistakes that come with permanent ink. I open a random page (also embracing a lack of order when creating - does art have to have a method all the time?) do a few studies on the right page and the final on the left. Somehow it works. The awesome thing about sketching someone's face is it starts with a detail. I sketched my face and I started with my lips because they are the most distinctive and moved on to my eyes which are slightly Asian in character. I sketched a friends face and started and ended with his eyes. I watched a movie with my favorite person, Audrey Tautou, and sketched her eyebrows first and moved on to her long narrow petite nose.

how can you not marvel at the details of people? and then marvel at the one who created them? bigger picture, guys. bigger picture.

well i'm off to do something that involves NOT doing nothing and will leave you with my current cardigan obsession from modcloth. This might be a tax return splurge. no joke. can't you imagine this with skinny jeans and TOMS?! oh, a match made in hipster heaven.
the Gathering Rainbows cardigan from Modcloth

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