Sunday, April 24, 2011

from a 1st time m.o.h.

I have learned a few new things when it comes to being a maid of honor:

1. write your speech. write an ACTUAL speech. write it early. and practice it!

2. LISTEN TO MARTHA STEWART - she knows all even if she has crazy ocd instructions on everything... it's cuz they're FLAWLESS

3. exercise patience above all else... you get to deal with the bride, who gets to deal with everyone else... so you get the FULL brunt of frustration. and that's okay! cuz that's your JOB. take it like a man! woman. sorry!

I learned how to make the most amazing bow bouquet from Martha... seriously... i wanna frame it and all you need are a few simple tools!
via Label Box for iPhone. it's free and AWESOME.
Martha called for a compass. you know... the thing you used approximately one and a half times in 7th and 10th grade? yeah. sorry martha. what's not pictured that i also used is cardstock (in my case a thick paper plate) cut in a circle with scalloped edges with an x in the center. I mean the woman knows her stuff! i can't show you the finished product yet but (hashtag) just sayin? it's AWESOME. It's lucky for you, you have an artist maid of honor.

4. have an artist maid of honor and/or an insanely organized one.

srsly. ask Katherine of Gathered Heart *shameless pluuuug* her maid of honor was EPIC.


  1. 1. on point #4... so true! but she didn't actually write a speech, she decided to wing it... and then mainly just cried hahaha :)

    2. i love martha and her team of creative geniuses. seriously. i would maybe consider marrying her if the opportunity presented itself.

    3. what is this label box?!?! i need it... it looks amazing. searching the app store now........

  2. 1. hahahahaha i do remember that... good times...



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