Monday, April 18, 2011

thoughts on a social hiatus

I've just ended a week to be AWAY from Facebook and kind of tweaked my Twitter as well. I'm not gonna lie it's been a bit of a struggle. It's almost like a fast from it or something. Facebook is like a legal addictive stimulant - you are on it all day... 24/7. Updating, stalking, browsing, wasting hours of time and you CLAIM you can give it up any time you want but you never do. For all the teens that I see in my store it's a form of validation and a definite status symbol. Your status symbol is raised when you take your picture with 4 of your friends flipping off the camera in an Apple store. Weird, teens, I had no idea. Thanks for the info.

For adults it's a peek into the outside world and their alter ego. Their political platform, their religious stance, their disciplinary standpoint, their entire marriage and children's lives IS Facebook.

Some people use it to promote business which, if used correctly, can be a great leveraging point for your business but mostly people just engage in over-sharing sessions about anything and everything and enjoy getting offended when someone crosses that boundary from song lyrics to all out status wars with your husband's mistress (true. story.).

As much as I would LOVE to say that the reason I temporarily deactivated my account is because of all the aforementioned reasons above and how it is contaminating my life (though I'm sure it is haha) it isn't. *sigh* now comes the time where I actually talk about what's been going on... Did I mention I'm not good at that? Well here goes. I liked a boy. That boy no longer likes me. While I don't want or need to be with said boy... I can't take seeing his statuses all the time when I go on Facebook. I can't really handle even a normal status like, "it's a good day!" let alone anything else deeper or more vague. I deactivated it so I could finally mend and move the heck on.

So... in reality I'm no better than the people that use and abuse Facebook. True, I don't stalk I'm not extra nuts I just... avoided the problem all together. But then again that's the right I have as a user of Facebook. I can choose to see or not see what people post, the whole freedom of speech thing comes into play. I can freely choose to NOT look at what you have to say, as equally as your right as a person to freely speak.

But I'm back now... I like communicating through it even though it's like 50% legal addictive stimulant, 45% poison and MAYBE 5% for the good of the user.

p.s. am i allowed to post personal things on here? i know blogs are usually standard happiness but i dunno... hope it's okay it won't happen often.

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  1. Totally and most definitely okay. I almost blogged about how last night in the bathtub, as I was trying to shave... parts... of my body... that I couldnt see what I was doing anymore because my giant belly is in the way. Not a happy feeling. Oversharing? Maybe. I have no filter. But then realized a high school photo teacher I used to have reads my blog. Great. So I'm saving that post for another day. Things will get easier!

    Just choose not to look while it still hurts.



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