Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reasons why this weekend was awesome.

1) SAW OTHELLO and it was amazing. I wanted to leap everywhere. Why would you walk after seeing that? When you crash into something and twist your ankle then... you remember you aren't a ballerina. *coughs* yeah...

2) Ate at Lou Malnati's for yummylicious pizza extravaganzas. and it was just like that.

3) I FINALLY got a caramel apple shake on Sunday after work. 'Twas just as I remembered. Exci-tasty.

4) Monday was productive! I went to the cleaners - right? i mean who goes to the cleaners? when it's under your apt IIII DOOO! - i did laundry and went to the post office. OK this isn't a stretch because the post office is literally 6 yards from my apartment. hehe. STILL! i was productive!

5) I also went downTOWN yesterday (mmmmhmm!) to Loopy Yarns for the first time. It was overwhelming... so many possibilities to knit into realities. I ended up getting these AWESOME needle holders (which i plan on getting many more of) and circular needles. That is VERY significant because... I started making hats again! Festival of Harrrts!

6) I stumbled upon a shoe store I'd never heard of in my life on State called Akira... turns out they sell TOMS... mmhmm curiosity piqued. Turns out they sold these:

Emily Dickenson TOMS
I pretty much took it as a sign from Jesus. They were sold out FOREVER online and I had wanted these for like EVER so... yes... Jesus was in the MIX. and they're on my feet. right now.

7) Argo. Where I got a free drink that was supposed to be small but he gave me a medium. RIGHT?! awesome.

8) It was WARM YESTERDAY! I wore a fleece downtown because... if you don't it'll snow because they KNOW you're not wearing a coat. I was seriously sweating... more than most men. That fleece does it's job for warmth. Just sayin'

9) I felt like I was back in college. The... 10 square block area on State and all perpendicular streets til Randolph is swarming with college kids. I mean it makes sense it's home to DePaul, Robert Morris, Columbia AND Roosevelt's dorm rooms and classes. So I pretty much felt RIGHT at home. It was kinda of... GREAT. I even passed some cross country boys on the corner of Congress and Wabash. only in the city... <3

10) I met my mommy on the train and we rode home togethers!

My original plan was to go to Loopy and head on down to Blicks and Old Navy but I got sidetracked by the awesome shoes and that was the END of my purchases after the shoes haha. It ended up being way more awesome of a day than i expected, and it was nice to spend time with my mommy! yay for good daysss... makes me wanna do a dance. like bag the leaves or... something that includes fist pumping in a horizontal motion.

... I just thought of a few more reasons...

11) I did NOT go to Forever 21 when I was downtown. I don't think you understand how miffed it makes me to see people go ALL THE WAY DOWNTOWN only to go to Forever freaking 21, which is also conveniently located in EVERY MALL in America. So dumb

12) I got in the back of 2 (count them TWO) strangers photos! I am happy for them to see those...


  1. Okay, this is my question about Toms. Are they comfortable? Like support your old granny feet comfortable? Or, like, I'll regret these freaking flat-no-support shoes someday?

    This is a valuable question to me. And I'm eating candy corn right now. Which should be a valuable piece of information to you.

  2. LOVE the shoes and their namesake ;)



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