Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hair transformation


crazy right?! here's the back - i mean it's LONG.

it's gonna take some getting used to definitely... I might keep it in for a bit because... um... I paid for it HAHA and it'll be fun for a little while right?! but honestly I love me with shorter hair. It's just who I am. Bubbly, funny, giggly Abby with shorter bouncy awesome hair. The COOL thing about having long hair is it totally gives you confidence! I never KNEW, long haired friends! Why wasn't I informed of this POWER?! *whoa Kanye stream of consciousness* It's almost like this shield of awesome womanhood or something. I was bold today! it was CRAZY. I think the fun thing will be finding that confidence that I've totally had all along and showing that with my personality... and shorter hair when this comes out. it's like watch out world when that happens. woo!

Also... it didn't hurt. it feels exactly like my hair. it took 2 hours. i can still put it in a pony tail. 
it's... PRETTY COOL.

wedding trip starts tomorrow! (er later on today) so see you Monday : ) lots of long blog posts about drama, love and wedding happenings probably coming soon. just. prepare for THAT.


  1. See? Why do you think all those snotty white girls keep their hair long? It's for the confidence factor...and hair flipping ("I whip my hair back and forth...").

    I keep it longish because I look like a round, white, pumpkinsquash when it's short.

    And I can hide behind it :)

  2. Now you understand why I LOVE my hair when it's long :) Also, it looks fabulous on you. I definitely love you with short hair too but this is so cute too!! I can't wait for post-wedding drama posts :)

  3. Whaaaaaaaa it's so long! And now you can act like a diva! I'll admit, I miss my long hair a lot. It was like a blanket. Yes, a warm, comforting hair blanket.



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