Monday, April 18, 2011

without you the world keeps turning

Good news y'all! my TOMS came today!! somehow whenever I order anything else FedEx is a pain, USPS is slow as HAIL and UPS somehow gets inside the building and drops off my package to my door. We like UPS.

On to the important stuff!

Red stonewashed... so tasty. and yeah... i have 5 pairs of TOMS. Obsessed much? psh... NO.

God bless Blake Mycoskie (I almost said Blake Lively LOL! ok sure bless her too but for real...) for making the most comfortable shoe EVER and also making sure kids without resources to even obtain shoes get a special present. I mean seriously how awesome is that? It also INSANELY justifies all these purchases so you don't get to judge me! FanTAStic.

so I fell in love recently... with a font. his name is archer... he's very thin and wiry with hints of elegance on his super sexy ascenders and descenders... actually i'm in love with his entire family (oh man the font humor is SLAYING me) but Archer Hairline is what got me. He's a woo-er that Archer... I did a semi preview... It will also be my wedding font. Just sayin! Don't steal it. You've been warned. : )
definitely click to see it larger... it's so light it just might disappear

I leave in a week and 2 days for St. Louis to be the m.o.h. in my good friend's wedding. It's been a YEAR of planning - a whole year... can you even believe it?! haha I'm excited and my packing list is HUGE... i also haven't written my maid of honor speech yet... wing it? it doesn't work well. write it on the notes app on my iPhone? DEFINITELY yes. I'm mostly excited about leaving town for 5 days. I'll come back with pictures of me in a DRESS. i know right... pick yourself up off the floor. Prepare for that haha

I'll leave you with my Robyn Radio favorite for the past like 2 or 3 months - I WILL get all of you addicted to house music eventually. come into the light!

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