Thursday, April 14, 2011

reasons why yesterday was... pretty cool!

1. There is nothing like careening towards the city reading Jane Austen (for realsies there isn't). The sky was the bluest i'd seen in forever and it was like the city was welcoming me. I love how the tall buildings provide an unconventional comfort.

2. I also love how experiencing the city alone is an amazing time but sharing it with someone has it's own sweetness as well. The good thing is when I'm there I never feel lonely.

3. Argo. duh? specifically the Green Tea Strawberry Créme that rocked my SOCKS and some tasty sandwich infused with mate. it. was. so. good.

4. Anthro never ceases to disappoint. I almost bought the cutest mug from there but I already have like a BILLION mugs and this one was 12 bucks. I just bought 3 for 6 dollars TOTAL so... womp womp no purchase. I still stared longingly at the bedding though!

5. I think I was drugged and fell unconscious because when I woke up THIS was in my bag. *hisses* from AKIRA.
*gasp!* *shock* *horror!* *appall!* *peeks in bag...* ash grey? ok well at least the people that FORCED me to take these home were stylish... ::ahem:: that's my story and i'm stickin to it!

 6. I won a t-shirt when I went to Blick! No for real I literally WALKED in the door, the nice artsy chick in glasses gestures, "spin the wheel?" I spun and won a tee! For the record I really wanted the stainless steel Sharpie they had but all the same IT WAS FREE! hooray! (i TOTALLY tried to exchange my t-shirt for that Sharpie. no luck.)

7. PIZZA. cheap. good. local. PIZZA. good times were had by all. i'll say no more

8. I rented a movie! Like... from the video store! like the real ones they have down the street from yo' house?! I know! It was considerably less than renting a movie from iTunes and I got to see 2 good movies! Morning Glory was really REALLY good - I want Rachel McAdams to be my best friend I really hope she's not horrible in real life. RED was AWESOME. I mean you can't go wrong with Morgan Freeman AND Helen Mirren in the same movie can ya?! *psst... the answer is no!*

and next week watch out for the combination of skinny jeans + arts. just... watch... it's actually so epic it just might NOT happen... woah...... : )

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