Tuesday, April 12, 2011


i'm gonna direct you to friend Kate's post for my current feelings cuz they are SPOT. ON. except the maternity leave. I'm not... pregnant... but she is! and that's awesome. I can't really elaborate on whats going on because... it would just be one long over-sharing word vomity blog post. I'm really doing you a favor guys, I really am. I mean, feel free to thank me! 

...but hey guess what? i ordered these. they're in the mail. : )
here's my logic on TOMS. i figure everyone's gonna get the red ones. why not get the red ones that are slightly more awesome and more unique than the red ones? that has been my logic for all my other pairs of TOMS and they've served me very well. eventually i'll get the ash grey ones but for now i gotta keep it awesome. and so far I've helped 4 kids not be shoeless! win!

and i just heard my favorite phrase magnified: "shut the front door! and the back door and the screen door."


  1. I almost bought the ash grey ones this past weekend, and my logic was exactly the same. This is why we are friends. :)

  2. I'm buying the grey ones too!!!

  3. haha i have the ash grey ones. i'm just not brave enough for a non-neutral... but i am super super jealous of your mustard pair. sigh. and your freaking paisley ones!!!!!

  4. i love the red and mustard toms. now, which ones to buy first...or both??(*slaps wrist).



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