Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a story of shoes

Have you ever had an item of clothing that just... GOT you? like it knew you and completely understood you? see those shoes up there? they are that item. the first time i wore those shoes i had a day unlike i've ever had in my life. they're the perfect accessory... they're like lipstick but for my feet. I've run in the rain in these flats, tracked through the snow in these flats, foot printed the sand in these flats. not to mention they're like the most perfect color. every time i step into them i feel like... a million dollars, a rarity.

well when i ran in the rain in these... seeing as they're made of leather, when they dried they split. I wear them anyway but that's a liiiittle bogus haha so i'm gonna try to sew them. I can't bring myself to throw them away and Gap doesn't even CARRY this color anymore in my size (you KNOW i tried to order some more already). Oddly enough in their short lifespan they hold a memory.

I know I can't hold onto them forever - that's irrational - and I also don't want to hold onto something I just need to release... but for now they complete every hipster outfit perfectly so here they will stay. and when the time comes to let them go... and the memory associated with it... i will. it's weird to talk like this about SHOES but... just trust me. : )

p.s. How gorgeous is it today?! my flats and i went on the most perfect walk. i think with my tax return I'm gonna get a bike instead of immediately getting an iPad 2 (like i TOTALLY want to haha). A bike has more staying power and health benefits than an iPad (or I could put my iPad in a case and use it as a frisbee!.... right.) and that way i can cruise around the city in the summer being the hipster i am. what do you think?

also go here. she's so awesome it's ridiculous.

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