Wednesday, March 9, 2011

scary kitchen adventures

Dulce de leche is tasty, but it's a dangerous road to get there.

I made Joy the Baker's Dulce de Leche cupcakes yesterday (are we surprised? really? yet ANOTHER thing from Joy? can't we just BE best friends already?! GEEZE.) and i made dulce de leche the old fashioned way. Aka boiling a closed can of sweetened condensed milk (A CLOSED CAN!) in a pot of water (can i repeat this. closed can. insert in boiling water. boiling hot scalding water) for a few hours until it turns all caramel-y and gorgeous.

Honestly I've never been so scared in my life. I had to flip the can... and it was rattling in the boiling water... I mean if you take it out too soon and open it too soon IT'LL EXPLODE! NO JOKE. IT WILL EXPLODE. SCALDING YOU WITH IT'S CARAMEL-Y GORGEOUSNESS AND GIVE YOU THIRD DEGREE CARAMEL COLORED BURNS. Hence my afeared state!

Well I got too scared and had to boil it again (open this time) and it turned gorgeous and delicious : )

but seriously. it was so. scary. good things came out of that experience though!

what is it about cream cheese frosting that makes it so amazing?! this frosting had dulce in it... and it just... sang. SANG. 

anywho... i've started designing again... working on an old sketch that always stuck with me. we shall see how it turns out! I'm taking my time... cuz I get to actually take my time! it's exciting : ) I will definitely show some updates soon! hoorays anatomy! 

later gators! i won't be back for a while... lots coming up... bridal shower, a product launch and other fun stuff of that nature. also i'm baking 30 chocolate cupcakes from scratch. recipe from... i won't say. cuz you already know. *hangs head in shame* seriously! it's BAD! i always know if i get it from Joy it'll be good! so i don't even search! for SHAME. (psh for AWESOME!)

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