Sunday, March 20, 2011


today i...

...spent my entire day with the same people

...spent most of that day in one place

...that place had nothing to do with work was the least i've thought about work in a long time

...ate at a restaurant i've never been to before

...visited a church i've never been to before

...liked both.

...talked less than i ever have in like... forever. oddly enough i'm a quiet person. if you know me at work i am like off the wall super excited about life and it's adventures. but once i'm home as a generality i don't talk. when i have morning's off i make it a point not to make a noise emit from my mouth until i go to work where i will be talking with fervor for the next 10 hours. i've always been very comfortable with silences, which makes most people uncomfortable. i could lay my hand on your shoulder and not say a word but i just spoke volumes. i communicate differently. *shrugs* i'm a different kind of girl.

today was a really good day. needed. very needed.

happy work week : )

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